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chocolate binge

well i’m certain that my 140.5 is gone as quickly as it appeared….Today at work I admit to you all I ate 7! SEVEN! chocolates…(5)almond/cashew/carmel ones and 2 wafer ones w/ chocolate on them. I cannot stop! THEN when i come home i have a Peanut butter cup (bf’s) and a bite of his Oh Henry Peanut butter bar. I think I seriously set myself up for this disaster! I bought those PB candy bars for his stocking, fully knowing that he would kindly share and PB chocolate ANYTHING is my favourite. I then ate two willow crips chocolate thingy’s.  The box of almond/cashew/caramels I left at work and told the girls to PLEASE go crazy eating them….get rid of them..destroy them. That is 11 chocolates! I am going to go into shock or get diabetes! It’s no wonder I have a strange headache going on!

Other than that I did pretty good eating today….yeah right…..good considering the overdose of sugar and empty calories.

I cannot wait to get back into Aqua aerobics next week…the pool closed for maintenance over the holidays so I put my membership on freeze for two weeks until it reopens..not sure if that was such a good idea considering I could be there doing a class tonight to work off that junk.

Okay so you guys are going to hold me accountable. Tomorrow will be a NO CHOCOLATE DAY!
I will check back tomorrow!


Yep this morning’s weight! HOW I did it during holidays I have NO idea! WHOO HOO! That is a grand total of 89.5 lbs gone! I will write today’s weight in for this weeks ‘weigh-in’.

So tired’s 2pm and I still have my PJ’s on..went visiting some of bf’s family last night…a little odd they are..but

Have a great day!


So I went home Tuesday evening and we decided to come back to the city today–have a few days to ourselves and perhaps do a little Boxing Day shopping—

I didn’t weigh myself for a few days before I went home and weighed as soon as I got in the door…I know, I know not a good thing after a few days of home eating junk AND in the evening AND TOM…..The results…141.5……..WTF??? The LOWEST I’ve ever been..whoo hoo..perhaps my body needed a little break from all the aqua aerobics and low calorie stuff….I ate so much homemade bread and cookies it was not even funny! I will weigh tomorrow morning and put that in for this week’s weigh in…because I usually weigh in the AM..not the PM!

I hope Santa was good to all of you and you weren’t too hard on yourselves about food. For those of you who DID succeed in staying on track and keeping your calories in count ( unlike myself) — whoo hoo for you guys and your well-power…I’m envious :-).

Have a great weekend!


soo close!

Wow christmas day is only 3 more sleeps! Incredible how time is flying by!

The brunch was yesterday–I don’t think I did tooo badly…I did eat a LOT but I had a huge salad that was delicious….along with some chocolate cheesecake for dessert and a chocolate cookie..I didn’t eat the entire slice of cake..I just didn’t want to cut HALF off and leave the other half on the platter at a fancy shmancy hotel. Yup I definitely over did it a little but it is only once a year I get to go there and I wanted to enjoy it without worrying about every little morsel.

I have been extremely busy lately with shopping/exchanging presents/visiting friends that I barely have time to check my email. I have Xmas eve, day (of course) and Boxing day off..YAHOO! I am going home (3.5hrs away) and I cannot wait…mainly just to have the break…an entire 5 days off straight. My boss might have to send out a search party to find me if I don’t return to

Anyways in case I do not get to write anymore until after I return, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!


busy day!

Well I’m exhausted..worked from 730-4……and had a hair appt right after work ( a coworker told me about her hair dresser who does hair at her house for HALF price of salon.) I went and I am so impressed! about 25 foils in my hair and I am now almost 100% blonde whoo hoo! So after foils and a cut it was only $60!!! Also for the first time I’m impressed with what I had done..MOST times  I come home from a salon and notice a spot they missed!

Santa party at work was INSANE! He was a little late ( he is the owners brother who is a lawyer and got stuck in but he did an amazing job with the children! The parents did quite well bringing in “healthy” treats….blueberry muffins, 3 fruit trays, homemade sandwiches etc…MUCH better than cupcakes/cookies. Our cook did make two kinds of cookies for the children to have a few treats…and I admit I didn’t do too well….I had a few myself :-(.

I have SO many appreciative parents who gave me lots of Xmas cards and presents…it’s nice to be shown how much you are valued.

Alrighty well off to relax for a minute before I head off to my best friend’s house for our gift exchange!

Merry Christmas!


pizza day at work

Today was pizza day at work…So happy that my lunch break was EXACTLY at 12..when the children eat..I did so well…just ate my salad and grapes! whoo hoo…took some home for bf..and I did eat a teeny slice…

I went out to the mall earlier w/ a friend and had tea at Tim Horton’s..not my usual of half hot chocolate/coffee and I wanted a Peanut Butter cookie so badly..but i didn’t give in….tomorrow is our Christmas/Santa party at work and i’m sure there will be some cookies around. I did put up a note of asking parents to not send in any junk hopefully!

Have a good night chicks!

Tomorrow is Thurs. the day before FRIDAY!!

Yup I celebrate Thursdays BECAUSE I know Friday is the following day….that is how much I love Fridays!..Heck I’m celebrating Thursday tonight..LOL.

Work was so hectic this morning–I had the kids make ornaments for the parents yesterday ( glue all over pine cones and sprinkle with pretty glitter). Glitter was LITERALLY all over my face, hair, and clothes. So we let them dry over night and today I hot glued ribbons to hang them and bows. THEN I wrapped each one in tissue paper and tied with a curly ribbon, and addressed each one to the parents and signed Love: child’s name. My coworker can sometimes PISS me off so much! When I started doing all the hot gluing this morning she said ” oh so you are going to do mine too huh?” …umm…”yah i guess” (ONLY because she does things very sloppy..I’m not kidding) so I did…..cut and tie all bows..glued all ribbons and bows on…19 of them. While I am wrapping mine I noticed that she was cutting out paper gingerbread men for “her” group. I was about to lose it…so I finished wrapping mine and said “Here..I’m done..wrap your own”. Childlish I know…but she could’ve said…well seeing how you did a lot of the ornaments I will cut these out… my group of 8 preschoolers are running around crazy while I’m being as careful as possible with a hot glue gun and she prepares a craft for her own group. Of course every little thing that the children do stresses me a little more than usual because by this time I’m already stressed.

I had planned to have oatmeal and fruit for lunch but I just wanted to leave the building for my 30 min what do I do?? I go to the grocery store and I buy grapes (good) and a little marshmallow chocolate thingy (110 calories and 3.5 gms of fat). It was like I was on a high (which I’ve NEVER been..thank god) all afternoon. Funny how a little bit of wasted, dumb calories can make someone feel better! Anyways I’m sorry for ranting!

Today I ate a MAJOR amount of fruit…..4 YES FOUR..clementines…two for a snack this morning and two that I left at work yesterday and took with me in the car on my well as an apple. So lunch consisted of 2 clementines, an apple and that chocolate junk. For supper I was in no mood to make anything so I had a PB and banana sandwich. As you can tell I like simple gourmet for me!

Anyways one little rascal in my group told me today he made me a Christmas card last night..which I thought..”you little devil…trying to get brownie points already and you’re not EVEN four” but I did think it was very sweet of him and he was so proud! I think that I do not need or perhaps want any children until I no longer work in childcare. I know you’re “own” kids they say will be different but I’m not’s great to be able to send em home at 4-5pm and come home and say……”ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Perhaps I’m just selfish..I’m not sure…Oh well! lol.

I went to aqua aerobics tonight…2nd last class until the holidays! YIKES! The pool reopens on January 5/2009….crazy it’s ALMOST 2010! Only 5 of us in the pool (it’s a small pool) which gave us TONS of room to move around. It was great!

Alrighty I don’t think I’ve blogged this much in months! I’m trying to make a habit of blogging and coming to 3FC more often. This site is amazing!!!

Ciao! Angela

Note to self: New Years Resolution…stand up to annoying coworkers more…Grow a backbone between now and

Getupnow…yup he is the kind of guy to help..and if he wasn’t it wouldn’t take him…Yes clementines……….ahh….we’re on our 4th box i think since they came into season…How much do you buy them for? We can get em for 4.99…I am in love with them!

food I HATE you!

How the HELL did I manage to lose so many lbs, stay on track and do well with eating?? I feel like I’m slowly losing control and I’m positive that if it weren’t for my aqua aerobics classes I’d have a nice bit of it gained back. BF had some taters today so of course I ate a few…..the kids had tea biscuits..and I ate one……….I bought these black bean and salsa multigrain chips that are not the healthiest..just had two handfuls……..What the heck am I doing to myself??

On another note, I went to aqua aerobics last night and the girl filling in for Mary ( who is taking the month of Dec off..she’s teaching other classes just not aerobics ) had called in sick and my fave Mary had come back unexpectantly for one night!! YAHOOO!!!!!!! What a great workout I had…an hour goes by so quickly with her class. I’m positive that IF she had to teach every class I’d be so I REALLY should look into doing some of her other classes. That is my New Year’s Resolution…explore new classes at the gym!

Have a good night chickies!



My throat is a little sore and my allergies are really bothering me..which of course makes my sinuses pain terribly. I wouldn’t wish allergies on my worst nightmare..well maybe….but there is NOTHING fun about them! I’m mostly allergic to dust and a few trees. Yesterday I got by, by popping Advil and allergy pills all day..I hate having to do this to stop it all!

I have to work later today, 9-530. I wish I could just turn over and go back to sleep for 2 more Just had Weight Control Oatmeal and Light Carnation Hot Chocolate with a few mini marshmallows on top…mmmmmm.

I have Aquafit tonight..I’m going to make myself go….I think the last day for the pool to be open before closure for the holidays is Saturday or I need to use it to my fullest!

Have a great day!

6:15pm- Home from work and supper is finished. Had a Peanut chocolate Curves granola bar for dessert. Have I told you guys how AWESOME and yummy these are?? 100 calories and 4gms of fibre! Sometimes i will spread a very thin layer on PB on it…mmmm…

I am thinking of many reasons why I do NOT want to go to aquafit tonight…..It’s brutally cold outside..I’m tired…whine whine…To go or not to go is the question..However I do know that I’ll feel much better after if I do go.

I’m also not very impressed with all these Blogs that someone started about dating..give me a break! So annoying!

when do I get to live a ‘normal’ life?

Just wondering when do I decide to live a ‘normal’ life?? lol……For boyfriend went to Tim Horton’s today and I wanted to get a muffin…..just a regular delicious carrot wheat muffin..but I didn’t ask or get one. Then the question came to me..when do I start living a little more normal and get a freakin muffin if I feel like one?? The answer that I gave myself is…………if you want a muffin make some healthy ones…..not something loaded with fat (19grams!) and about 400 calories. Is this the right answer???

made a good point on my last post…Should I allow myself to gain 5lbs just to enjoy life for a bit? I know if I have 5 lbs to lose I will probably work harder and put myself back on track. It’s so much harder to stay on plan if I only have 2-3 lbs to lose…After 87 lbs 2-3 is nothing but takes so much work to get rid of. My weight has never been below 142 throughout my journey and 142 is probably the lowest I will go. I honestly don’t want to lose much more however a part of me fears gaining so much that the whole theory of gaining a few lbs scares the crap out of I think I am going to just go with the flow…if I gain a few lbs over Xmas ( WHO DOESN’T?) then no big deal….If I don’t..I probably lucked out..I’m not going to stress over a few lbs and I do not want my every action over the holidays be controlled because of my food obsession. My mother has two dogs and I plan to take them out for walks/jogs a few times while I’m home. (I will only be home for 4-5 days)

On another note, I have MOST of my Xmas shopping done/wrapped! I even have my bf’s stocking almost finished and I wrapped every little thing individually just for fun!

Have a great night!

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