Feelin so blah…probably because i just finished eating KFC for the first time in over a year…tasted so good but i think I’m going to pay for…

Weight this morning….142.5….seems like I can go no lower than this! Honestly I feel fine with my current weight and just quite pleased overall with how well i’ve done.

Bf is nagging at me to go out of town and visit an old friend tomorrow—leave first thing in the morning…I have Aquafit at 12…..his reply…um didn’t you go on Wednesday night?? YAH SO WHAT?????????????? For godsakes…i told him there’s no reason why we cannot go out after my class at 1…I honestly cannot stand spending a LOT of time with people I just meet.. I feel really awkward especially seeing how we’re going to their house………so if we go out..make it a few hours and then head back…lol. Am i weird to feel this way?? Yah i’m weird anyways..:P

Have a great night!


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  1. Joy on November 7th, 2008

    so know what you mean. I am like that as well with new people that I meet.
    You look like you are doing great! I love KFC. I have not had it in about a year. I love their chicken.
    Take care and have a great wekend.

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