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long time

It’s been such a while since I last blogged……to be honest with you all..lately i’ve been busy most nights that when I get home I have no desire to blog.(Monday night-aquafit, Tuesday-nothing, wednesday-aquafit, Thursday-babysitting).and part of me has lost interest in blogging..this is terrible however, truthfully I am finding it a little repetitive/boring……what I write I mean…..blah blah blah I went to aqua aerobics etc..I need to find new things to write about. I have been reading a few blogs but work and all of my other activities have been dragging me down…I’m exhausted by the time I go to bed. I have been keeping on track for the most part.

This morning’s weighin was 144.5. I’ve come to accept this as my approximate weight. I know I’m not going to go much lower than 142..I think I’d have to starve myself to go any lower…I’m finding lately that I am hungry a lot ( not incorporating enough 0 pt foods!). 20 points are just NOT cutting it..most days I’ve been going over my pts by a few but I feel I have no other choice! Also I’ve calculated my calories for most of my days of eating only 20 pts and I am about 300+ calories under my required daily amount…is this why I’m still hungry most days??

Another reason why I believe I’m kind of avoiding blogging is because I find lately all I’m thinking about is my weightloss/food intake/diet etc. It’s like I’ve become obsessed and I’m trying my hardest to not be….and I know that if i’m on this site it’s just making me focus on all of that stuff one more time. I feel like this weightloss has taken over most of my thoughts. I’m not kidding! I’m constantly thinking about what I’m going to eat..when it’s time for me to eat, etc…perhaps my body telling me I’m hungry??? I’m not sure.

Anyways tell me what you think of all this!

Have a great night!



Sunday always means the weekend is almost over :(. Just organizing bedroom and tidying up…laundry too..oh what fun 😛

My hives/rash seems to be gone away..thank GOD for Benadryl I think..although last night the bottoms of my feet were red and itchy as well as my hands…could be excema or something…i have no idea..I am just so glad it’s disappeared!

I had takeout on Friday night….and went out to breakfast with an old coworker yesterday ( I tried to put it off) because I knew I’d end up eating a big ol breakfast..but she called and asked (again) if we could go out. I hate the fact that I don’t really care to socialize because I know if i do it will involve food and my self control with eating is non existant lately!

Anyways toodles!



Yes i’ve been a stranger lately to the blogging world….very busy with meetings for work/babysitting and aqua aerobics classes…I haven’t been on track very well lately..I know I’m eating more than my 20 daily points…which I am not worrying too much over–I know I have to eat more to maintain…well that really came back to haunt me or I’ve been doing something wrong…weigh in this morning…144 lbs…up 1.5 from the last few weeks.

On Wednesday while I was at work…my skin began to get really itchy….when i got in the shower at home later that night I noticed these HUGE red welts/blotches all over my skin….(mostly around stomach and upper legs) I went to a Dr. yesterday who seems to think it’s from my dust allergy ( yes I did take out the xmas tree and ornaments at work..however the only reaction I’ve ever had from dust is itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing)..and he seems to think I need an Epipen for this allergy..I’ve NEVER heard of anyone needing a pen for a dust allergy! I’ve been taking benadryl which seems to take the itch away a lot as well as Aveeno baths. It seems like the rash is moving around on my body…last night it was my arms and back as well as the stomach and upper legs..and now this morning…a little on my hands, feet and knees…I have NO idea what this could be from. I am thinking it has to be one of the following :A) Suddenly a new food allergy B) a different kind of the same brand of laundry detergent we bought ( I washed an outfit last night in JUST water and wearing it today to see) or C) Aquafit Monday night…either a reaction to the chlorine OR I’ve caught something nasty from there..which I’m praying to GOD I didn’t. If my rash isn’t gone over the weekend I am going to go to the hospital and see if I can see a dermatologist. This is all new to me and I’ve never had anything like this before!

Anyways I’m off to work–

Have a fabulous day chickies!


New “after” pics..with my size 4 pants :P

yesterdays’ weigh in………

STILL 142.5..i’m NOT kidding…I don’t think I can seriously go lower than this….the scale isn’t budging..however I’m satisfied….i’m maintaining and not gaining..whoo hoo…..

Just home from aquafit and an older lady commented on my new swimsuit (Speedo and a present from bf) and how slim I am! Totally made my day…I just pray that when I’m in my 60’s I have their energy to still be working out and keeping in shape!

Anyways this is just a short blog today..we’re going out shopping. yup go figure..thats all we seem to do! I’m trying to get my all my Xmas shopping done early!


8:00 pm- Home from shopping today….went to Old Navy..and decided to try on some pants..trying to figure out my size because my Size 8 jeans that my bf bought me a few months ago have become really loose. I took a pair of 6’s ( which is what I thought I would be) some 4’s and a pair of 2’s (what the heck!) into the change room…well..the final result……………………….

The 6’s..a little too big….4’s PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 2’s I got on and done up but VERY tight…………


I honest to god jumped up and down in the change room..then sat there with my eyes filled up…taking in the entire moment with the question in my head? ” HOW DID I GET FROM A SIZE 16-18 (19 AT WALMART!) TO A SIZE 4????” I am in shock. I am in disbelief! I am PROUD! All I can say is I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

So obviously even though the scale isn’t moving much I am still losing inches..which is probably from all the aqua aerobics and gaining muscle mass in return.

Anyways I felt like sharing because I told my bf and he’s like oh ya NEVER understand…so who else to better share my great news with but you guys.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement and support!

on track whoo hoo!

Stayed on track with my eating today..yay!! And even resisted temptations….evil sugar temptations……there were leftover oatmeal raisin cookies at work..i wanted to eat one SO BADLY..but opened it and closed the container right away…told myself to walk away…Another coworker was eating Mcd’s for lunch and had a “chocolate melt” Something new they a hot brownie oozing in chocolate sauce….and she told myself and another staff to get a forkful……..i walked out of the room…control, control, control…I love feeling like I have control over what i eat and what goes into my body.

Have a wonderful evening!


Friday tomorrow!

Well I just love Thursdays because I know Friday is around the corner..whoo hooo!

On Sunday I have a shopping/supper date set with 4 of my gal pals and I’m looking forward to it so much!

There was a little mixup in my last blog..the jeans I bought were 28’s and the “skinny” jeans that i didn’t buy but liked were 29! whoo hooooooo!!!!

Just had scrambled egg whites and salsa for breakfast..trying to eat a LOT of protein to keep me from eating sooner..that seems to be a problem lately…I eat a meal and in an hour or so I want a snack because i’m hungry again….20 pts doesn’t allow for a LOT of food :-(. I packed two snacks for today ( a banana and 2 clementines) and a veggie burger for lunch (17gms of protein!!)

Went to aquafit last night..had a fabulous workout..but no more aquafit now until Saturday..perhaps I can try to get my bf to go for another walk with me.

My weight again this morning is 142.5..I am hoping to be down lower tomorrow morning but my body seems to like this weight and i’m okay with it.

Have a great day sisterchicks!


crazy busy day!

Well got up to go to aquafit this morning as planned..called to register for class and make sure who the instructor was….and the substitute had called in sick and the only other one they could get was “K” the crazy Sunday night’s instructor to fill in……um NO THANKS! Of course bf is like well go to the gym and do something ( I hate working out alone)…I said no let’s go on out shopping…fun as always..we went to so many stores it was crazy….best purchase of course was the new ( duh of course it’s new..i’d never buy a used suit :P) Speedo swimsuit he bought me ( $49.95..half price……yay) at a locally owned swim shop ( up until now i’ve been wearing cheap arse suits from walmart and not really for exercising.

I also picked up my mother’s Christmas present…a digital camera with a printing dock..they’re so old fashioned (my mom and her bf) and still use a really old camera…time to get with the times mama 😛

Not sure what we’re going to do seems kinda bummed out….arghhh……..

Have a great night chicklets!

Oh forgot to mention something…Last night while out shopping I tried on two pairs of knee length boots that zip up…really hot.and i could get them zipped!!! YAY..It could have been the make/store but I was so excited..i’m thinking about going back and getting well…I realized something else great last night..when i was at a store trying on clothes (can’t you tell how much I’ve come to love shopping???)..I suddenly noticed that the stretch marks on my stomach are fading a lot and barely noticable..whoo hooo..I HATE having a belly that looks like I was once pregnant when I’ve never been and I’ve always wondered..hmm..”If I’m ever skinny enough to wear a bikini would those stretch marks hold me back from doing so?” I know they would stretch marks be GONE!

Other good news…went to a used clothing store today..I’m on the hunt for some cheap jeans..and bought a pair of size 29’s!! HOLY CRAPOLA! I also tried on a pair of size 28 Guess Skinny Jeans and they fit..actually a teeny bit loose in the waist. I wanted to get them but I didn’t because I wasn’t sure if they’re more for younger girls..(i’m I was shocked to get them on and how I actually looked great wearing them (yup a little conceited i know……lol…..but after all the years of low self confidence/esteem I think I damn well deserve to be :P)


Feelin so blah…probably because i just finished eating KFC for the first time in over a year…tasted so good but i think I’m going to pay for…

Weight this morning….142.5….seems like I can go no lower than this! Honestly I feel fine with my current weight and just quite pleased overall with how well i’ve done.

Bf is nagging at me to go out of town and visit an old friend tomorrow—leave first thing in the morning…I have Aquafit at 12…..his reply…um didn’t you go on Wednesday night?? YAH SO WHAT?????????????? For godsakes…i told him there’s no reason why we cannot go out after my class at 1…I honestly cannot stand spending a LOT of time with people I just meet.. I feel really awkward especially seeing how we’re going to their house………so if we go out..make it a few hours and then head back…lol. Am i weird to feel this way?? Yah i’m weird anyways..:P

Have a great night!


fabulous day!

Great willpower going on today..we served macaroni and cheese today for lunch..i picked ONE piece of macaroni and ate it…that is ENOUGH..I said……….then for afternoon snack we had amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies…(this stuff is ALL homemade) and I cracked off a tiny piece and said “ENOUGH!”

Again with wanted a frozen pizza..insisted i had some..took one bite of his and that was it….then had a baked chicken breast..steamed veggies, half cup of rice with low sodium chicken broth. Feeling so good about my eating today!!

Bf said he will go for a walk with me tonight..I haven’t walked in FOREVER and i know the cool fresh air will feel great. Aquafit isn’t until Saturday sooo :-(. Hoping for a weightloss tomorrow or even the same..much better than a gain!

Hmm…I haven’t had Kentucky Fried chicken in over a year..(it was my absolute dirty weakness as I like to call and bf asked if we could have it as a treat this week………I allow myself one treat meal a week and I am almost so……Perhaps we’ll get something else..hmm….

9:05pm-Home from a 30 minute walk with my bf…at first he was like want to go THAT far….well i put him straight and told him to not bother coming with me again if he was going to complain and that he could turn around and come back and let me walk alone in the dark..yup i can…..but he gave up…walked the whole walk..nothing TOO fast paced..not as fast as i would’ve liked..but anyways it was nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air…We stopped and sat at a bench at a small park near my house on our way home and it was so relaxing…the moon was shining beautifully! Great end to a great day..think i’m gonna get a nice bath now..ahhhhhhhh………yay Friday tomorrow!

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