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So i had mentioned that I had signed up on The Daily Plate (  It does take a lot of work and time tracking and searching all the foods. I am still following the weight watcher points because I know it has obviously helped me lose all the weight all along..duh..however today I even went over my points by 3 (23) and on the Daily Plate it states that I am still able to eat 168 calories. I also burned about 350 calories in Mary’s aquafit class tonight…whoo hooo……..In the physical activities listed it says that basic aerobics burn about 358 calories and the low impact aqua aerobics burn about 262 calories…I assume it was about the 350 because it is pretty intense…and my Saturdays instructor was asked about how many calories we burn and she guessed about 300 in a regular class. Mary’s class is NOT a regular class.

Anyways I feel so great bf is home..YAY…and he’s not pushing me on eating junk OR slacking off on the gym…he said he doesn’t expect me to give up what I’ve been doing all along just because he is home. Yesterday for supper we had chicken veggie burgers and vegetable fried rice..and today Chicken pasta bake thingy I make with whole wheat pasta, pasta sauce, steamed veggies…chicken breast and cheese….soo yummy and healthy and he hasn’t complained once..whoo hoo…I hope I can keep this up. I did buy a chicken pizza for tomorrow’s supper with a salad…I know I have to give a little bit especially considering how cooperative he’s being with our eating…It’s all about moderation and how much I eat.

Have a great night chickies!