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time to get back on track!

In yesterdays blog i probably forgot to mention that I totally fell off the wagon this weekend with my food…I had homemade bread, pancakes, Mcd’s..the embaressing list goes on and on and on………………..

This morning I was up 3lbs! This is crazy! I need to get ahold of myself and my diet NOW! So far today I stayed on track..I didn’t do any exercise…I got off work, ran to grocery store and home…we’re having a rainstorm here and the thought of going outside is not even going through my head..I know, no excuse..I have a Tony Little Gazelle here in the house……I did go to Aquafit last night and let me tell ya…Mary sure did work us…she even asked me at one point if I was doing okay..we had to do kicks in the water and try to lift our feet to the top of the water…she said myself and another girl must have been really working hard because our faces were so red and our legs were up in our faces..whoo hoo…feels great to be noticed for the hard work i was doing..but after my eating I thought that I definitely had to push it.

I did a count of all the fibre I ate today…grand total of approx. 36 grams ( If i did all the calculations right) this TOO much fibre?? is it possible to even eat too much? I thought I should eat a lot to help rid my body of some of the junk i ate on the weekend..not sure if this will help but I hope so.

I bought some Curves bars tonight…100 calories each..and 4 gms of fibre in each bar..whoo hoo…I bought Chocolate Peanut and Strawberry..yummy..and only 1pt each!

Have a great night sisterchicks!