Wonderful weekend!

Back in town today from being home….had a great time with a lot of family whom I haven’t seen in years and the wedding was beautiful! Lots of fall decorations and orange bridesmaids dresses..just gorgeous!

The only thing I didn’t enjoy over the weekend was the CONSTANT attention I got about my weightloss…yes it’s great to be noticed however I felt that EVERY conversation was about it and I got so sick of talking about it, Most of it was positive and people saying how great i looked however a few family members made comments that I shouldn’t lose anymore…….about how pale I am……..( Ummmm I’ve ALWAYS been pale but now because i’m skinny and not fat it must be because i’m looking ill..wtf?) My mom and grandmother made a few comments that I look great however they also don’t think I need to lose anymore….so therefore I felt all weekend that I had to prove to them I’m not starving myself and not afraid to eat…I did eat homemade bread, pancakes, etc….and felt horrible after for splurging just to please them.

My boyfriend somehow suddenly notices a big difference in myself..perhaps because of everyone talking about it…………he thinks I look great however very “bony”..I think he’s finding it a little difficult to get used to the bony elbows, hips etc…that used to be covered in soft fleshy fat………. I tried to explain to him that he may see a difference however I really haven’t lost much since the last time he was home..perhaps inches because of the exercise at the gym.

The main thing is that I feel great about my weightloss and I know that I do not want to weigh less than 140lbs……I am not going to gain weight just to please others…perhaps some of them are jealous because they talk of losing weight but are not ready to do something about it. The 143lbs I am now is NOT underweight……..I don’t think I look ill..just very different than what they re used to seeing me..that is something they are going to have to get used to..and thats just that 😛


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