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Went to the gym tonight to work out with “S” my friend of a friend who is so sweet! She showed me how to use some of the machines and i did 20 minutes on the treadmill ( Keep in mind that  I honestly could barely move today at all…….still beyond sore from the Ab blaster class…my ribs and sides hurt so much!) We worked out and walked around the track 3 times…about 60 minutes total…However some of those minutes include “S” demonstrating different machines and then me using hey considering the physical state I’m in I thought I did really well. Now my legs are in complete Jello form…felt like I was going to fall down over the stairs 😛

Today a child came up to hug me and he jammed his head into my side…..I almost screamed! LOL…and explained to him that he has to give gentle hugs because his teacher is um a little tender……….

One of my coworkers is selling Mint Girl Guide cookies and has been insisting that I buy some……almost to the point of nagging……and it actually drove me insane because she of all people should understand…..( she is about 133 lbs and has lost a LOT of weight since having two children ) she is OBSESSIVE with the food she eats and I swear lives on salad. I also once heard her say to her daughter who was being served Apple Juice at daycare that “wow this is a treat, you never get that at home” meaning the juice..i was like WTF??????

Anyway I calmly tried to explain twice to her that I cannot buy any because I love these cookies so much that I CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to resist having them around me..I am not joking people…and her reply was “well just take them home for your family this weekend” I said “That is like giving an alcoholic a bottle of wine for when he/she haves company over” Anyways to shut her up I bought them..opened them and gave them to the children……….of course I ate two and left them in the car to take home. She just sent me a message on the computer and asked if I had “gotten into the cookies yet” almost like she wanted/expected me to! arghhhhhhh felt like telling her to shove it……but responded with “well I told you i would and i did..I cannot control myself around my absolute favourite things”

Anyways taking tomorrow AND Monday off..yahoooooo! I pick bf up at 1130 am and then we’re on our way home!!! Going to be a very busy busy weekend!

Toodles Noodles!