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Title says it all………It hurts when I stand up straight or when I laugh or do ANYTHING…lol….I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck…especially my sides. Aquafit tonight and I HAVE to go because I will not get any exercise while i’m home..(except dancing whoo hoo..thats IF i can move by then!) YAY wedding! Going to bring TWO of my new dresses..the simple one for church and reception and the cute and sexy one for the dance..whoo hoo!!

Food has been good today…chicken breast with vegetable fried rice ( just in some non stick spray lol) with egg whites scrambled in it…I’m on this huge protein kick lately..had scrambled egg whites for breakfast…a veggie burger for lunch (17 gms of protein!) and chicken/egg whites for supper. Why is protein so good for you?? I think it keeps you full for longer..and I definitely need to have that feeling with only 20 pts a day :(.

Have a great night..hopefully the water aerobics will stretch out these sore muscles and ease some of the


915pm Aquafit was cancelled when I got there…a child got sick in the pool and they had to close the pool up for the night…..Anyways I got a few errands done which is great…..also bought these Pringles Select chips……….3 pts for 27 and they are so friggin good! Jalapeno Ranch…mmmmm…