whoo hoo i did it!

So got off my arse tonight and WENT to that Ab blaster class at the gym..oh my GOD…it was SOOO hard! LOL. There was an elderly couple there who also go to Aquafit and I struck up a convo w/ them as soon as I seen them…and just followed their lead..lol…..

First of all I dropped a dumbbell at the beginning of the class and it almost landed on my foot and after the workout in the changeroom i dropped my water bottle and it broke..water everywhere… lol..only me..only me…:P Anyways as difficult as it was I attempted it and I am still alive lol. Will I do try it again? Hmm..probably.

One wonderful thing about the gym is the eye candy..lol…except the cocky ones who think and know they look great….how unattractive is that???

Food has been good today…trying to drink a lot more green tea because I know how great it is supposed to be for you and I know I loaded my body with a lot of nasties over the weekend.

Anyways it’s bed and book time!


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