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Happy Turkey day :)

So my weight this morning was up to 146…up a whoppin 3.5 lbs and its all my own fault…yesterday I went to a friends house for supper..she had a rotesserie chicken and some salads and I brought some stuffing and a salad…ate way too much as well as some frozen yogurt which wasn’t too bad but I am sure I went over my points as well.

I had picked up some snacks (Multigrain Tostitos and the nacho cheese dip) for Games Night the other night and because it was cancelled I had it here at my house..arghhhhhhhh…and of course I could NOT resist opening it and having a few..a few then led to more………so much sodium in that stuff and so unhealthy and processed..I ended up telling my sister that her and her bf HAVE to finish eating the junk so  I could not eat it. I am probably retaining some of the salt in all that food.

I also haven’t been to aquafit since last Monday..a week ago! Wed night  I babysat..and the horrible Sunday instructor filled in for Saturday’s instructor..and I was damned to be going to her on either day…but I am going tonight for sure.

Also went to a children’s bday party and out of all the goodies/ junk there the only thing I ate was a rice krispie cookie..not even any cake…I took the boy and his brother today to Mcdonalds ( I gave him Mcd’s money for his bday) for lunch and I had a fruit and yogurt parfait. I am trying my hardest to get this food back on track!! I need to or  I am going to gain it all back and I DO NOT want to be one of those people who lose all their weight and gain it all back.

Things I need to do/remember:

-When buying snacks for any social event only buy healthy snacks in case it gets cancelled and the snacks are here in the house.

-If I do not go to Aquafit I NEED to do some sort of other exercise..whether it’s walking or go to the gym and use the machines or go to another class.

-Increase water intake!

That’s it for now.


9:40 pm……..Went to another amazing aquafit class by Mary…definitely have to give her a Christmas card thi year…she is my inspiration!  Just got out of a very relaxing candlielit bath and drinking green tea….Going to read a Joy Fielding novel and then bed…..Aquafit puts me into some sort of zen…perhaps its exercise itself…almost rejuvenating..makes me realize how far I’ve come and how hard I’ve worked to give it all up and fall completely off the wagon…I know I can get back on track with my eating and tomorrow night I think I will try the 30 minute Abblaster class at the gym…If i don’t give it a try I’ll never know if I’ll like it..I am kind of intimidated going to a class on my own and kind of afraid that there will be a lot more “fit” and skinny girls…I know I shouldn’t be…however like I just said if i don’t go I ‘ll never know and it’s better for me to have given it a shot then to sit around here on my butt thinking about going. Toodles Noodles! ( I say this to the kids a lot, lol)