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I haven’t written in a few days…honestly didn’t really feel like doing much..hence the title of today’s blog………all I kept thinking about was how quick Friday could get here..( long weekend because it’s Thanksgiving in Canada!!) and I have no work on Monday..YIPEEEE! I seriously wish I was home for Thanksgiving..I will have no turkey dinner :-(…Fortunately at work yesterday we cooked turkey breasts, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots and peas for the children. I could not resist and had a small plate. Also went out for supper last night with some girlfriends and gave into the fries/gravy temptation that has been lingering lately. Ironic because my 3 friends who are not dieting all had a salad while I had fries. Hmmm……making me look like the hypocrite I’m assuming…however like they said..they always eat fries and I always eat salad…lol

I did not count points yesterday at all..I weighed in at 142.5 and is 2.5 lbs from my goal. Then it’s time to maintain…therefore I know I have to start relaxing a little and slowing easing more food into my diet..while still being healthy and keeping a close eye still on what I do eat.┬áMy bf is coming home next Friday..3 days late…and I will pick him up from the airport and go on to my hometown (3.5 hours away) for my cousins wedding on Saturday. My goal was to be 140 for the wedding..not so sure if I’ll make it but hopefully I will be quite close.

My bf will then return back to Alberta the following Tuesday..only 4 days home :-(. He will go away for a few weeks while they finish up their project and then he is coming home for a well needed break. This scares the crap out of me. I am scared that I will have no self control and become slack with my eating. He did mention that he might join the gym with me which is good sign and I’ve already made it quite clear to him that he needs to be as supportive as possible with my eating…It’s quite easy to give in a few times for the week he is home and get back on track for the 21 days he is away…but not so easy to give in if he’s around all the time :-(.

Tonight my friend is having a Games night at her house…and we all have to bring two little prizes ( from the Dollarstore) that the winners will get..sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!

620pm- Games night got one can really make instead a friend who is also a huge fan of Nicholas Sparkes ( author ) and i are going to go see “Night’s in Rodanthe”..I just finished reading the novel today and cannot wait!!!

Also bought some chicken veggie burgers store has buy one box get another free..whoo hoo…They were pretty good..I put sauteed fresh mushrooms and onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup on it and a side salad. I couldn’t find any healthy buns at the bakery dept. so I toasted a 5gm fibre healthy whole wheat bagel and had it on that…soo good!!!! First time I’ve had them and they were so yummy ( the burger i mean). They also have 17 gms of protein and 2 pts in WW…whoo hoo!