Archive for October 8th, 2008


Yes you heard me! Today we had a mix of rain and a few snow flurries..ONLY in Newfoundland, Canada :-(. I am dreading winter before it even gets here…my old car was a Toyota Rav 4 which could get me thru anything…so I am quite scared about driving in a small car :S.

I will not be able to go to Aquafit tonight because I am babysitting a little girl who used to be at my daycare. I make pretty good money babysitting and with all the expenses I’ve had lately with the car it will come in handy.

I am craving junkfood so badly today…Last night after I napped ( from 630-10pm…which is NOT normal) I went to the drugstore and bought some sort of “healthy chip”…similar to those Skinny chips ( 3gms of fat in two cups)..anyways they absolutely turned my stomach and I couldn’t even eat 5 of these people realize that even though people try to eat healthy they still have tastebuds and would rather something a litte decent?? I brought them into work and surprisingly two girls liked them….and they are NOT dieting…….how unfair is that?

Anyways off to babysit


 So tonight I had a sandwich for supper and some Baked Lays with two tablespoons of Onion DIp..I just wanted something to get rid of this craving :(.