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“There’s something about Mary”

Mary is the name of the aquafit instructor who I am truly amazed with……she is phenomenal and so full of life…my inspiration! I went to aquafit last night afterall and what a class! She pushes EVERYONE to their max but she makes it SO fun that it doesn’t feel like an extreme workout from hell. I went to Sunday nights class and let’s just say I will NOT be wasting another Sunday night…the young instructor does the aerobics ON the side of the pool in shorts and sneakers..and it’s full on aerobics….half of which we cannot keep up with…but I also find her very odd and myself and a few others could not help ourselves from laughing….I didn’t feel like I had any sort of workout and could’ve fallen asleep in the pool. As we were waiting for last nights class many of us expressed amongst ourselves how we all dislike Sunday night’s instructor and no one gets any enjoyment out of coming..hmm…Also found out she is filling in for Saturday’s instructor this following weekend which means I will not go to Saturday or Sunday night’s class this week…BOO! I will have to find something else to do!

Great news is I have my car repaired..and yes it was their fault…which makes me wonder how “specialized” these dealer mechanics really are :S……..he didn’t give me back the refund yet..said he would call tomorrow……..he’d better!

Anyways I’m off…going to make scrambled egg whites with peppers,mushrooms and put them in a ww wrap w/ salsa for dinner…YUMMO!