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Rant # 342 LOL

So after ALL the work the dealership did on my car..over $1100 worth..they are going to refund me some of the money because they insisted i need new rear brake shoes when I had them replaced only 11 days ago at another garage. Took the old shoes back for refund and the garage supervisor was FLOORED that they had jipped me so much money..called out there and now I am getting a refund because they did unnecessary work…so what else happens?? On the weekend suddenly I am leaking brake fluid..WTF???? I HATE confrontations and being a bitch but I am getting sick of mechanics not having a freakin clue with what they’re doing..All that was on my mind this morning was the damn car and I just wish that I had never gotten it…..I get so stressed over the littlest things that it even makes me lose my appetite…I didn’t even eat anything today until snack time at ten am with the kids..I ate my pear…( This is so not like me because I HAVE to eat breakfast ) My lunch went down in honest to god lumps! Anyways they were very understanding and told me to come out tomorrow to get my refund and see if its anything they did with the car…I refuse to pay them anything else and will no longer be going to the dealer to get work done…I chose the dealer because they have specialized technicians working there and wanted work done properly…PROPERLY MY ASS!

On a much brighter note I weighed at 142.5 this morning…2lbs since Friday??? (whoo hoooooo) I must’ve been retaining a lot of water (TOM) last week or this exercise is giving me a good boost with weight loss. I am also going to aquafit tonight as well….the amazing instructor is teaching tonight and i REFUSE to miss her class ( even if it means constantly checking and filling the brake

TTFN! Angela