Archive for October 5th, 2008


Yup! that was this┬ámorning’s weight!! It did go to 142.5 and back and forth but stayed on 143.5 . Only 3.5 more lbs to go and then it will be maintenance time…Maintenance scares me so much!

Just realized yesterday that I haven’t had my absolute weakness in over a year…..Kentucky Fried Chicken…even when I did allow myself a “treat” I refused to have KFC…I like being able to say that I’ve resisted my weakness for so long..and I honestly don’t want it!

Had a great time last night…even had some guy tell me I was looking good..hahaha….I NEVER used to get any attention from men when I was larger..and I find it kind of hard to get used to.

Going to go to aquafit tonight I think…whoo hoo!