Happy Friday everyone!

God am I EVER happy it’s Friday and I’m finished work…this week went by so quickly…Good news is that I still weighed in at 144.5 lbs this morning….perhaps all the aqua aerobics helped my metabolism….also TOM this week so I’m so glad I had a 2 lb loss!!!!!

Boyfriend tells me last night that he may be coming home next Friday..his company let 1500 people go! He’s kind of happy about this because he desperately needs a break ( he works for 21 days straight….10-12 hours a day and then comes home for 7 days ). He said he may be able to get on with another company yet but unsure. I hope he is home at least for a short while–it’s kind of hard being by yourself all the time!

May go out tomorrow night with the girls..if I do I’m going to wear my new hot pink/black and white dress with all the funky flowers..whoo hoo!!!

We had the potluck today at work..I know I didn’t do too too bad however I am sure I’m gone over my 20 pts..I’m not going to stress over it…it’s just one day…and it’s not like every day/week or even month we do something special at work…it was also for a good cause!

Have a wonderful weekend sisterchicks!

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  1. patty on October 3rd, 2008

    I hope you get to spend some time with BF, Angela. What a grueling schedule!

    Wow! Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. beattheeat on October 3rd, 2008

    I’m so glad I’m not alone in the “big calves search for boots” saga. Haha paying someone to alter boots does sound like a big pain. Take heart though, I squeezed myself into 15.5 inch circumference ones. Literally could not be smaller, but at least I look good and can walk. Yours are out there somewhere!

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