Archive for October 3rd, 2008

Happy Friday everyone!

God am I EVER happy it’s Friday and I’m finished work…this week went by so quickly…Good news is that I still weighed in at 144.5 lbs this morning….perhaps all the aqua aerobics helped my metabolism….also TOM this week so I’m so glad I had a 2 lb loss!!!!!

Boyfriend tells me last night that he may be coming home next Friday..his company let 1500 people go! He’s kind of happy about this because he desperately needs a break ( he works for 21 days straight….10-12 hours a day and then comes home for 7 days ). He said he may be able to get on with another company yet but unsure. I hope he is home at least for a short while–it’s kind of hard being by yourself all the time!

May go out tomorrow night with the girls..if I do I’m going to wear my new hot pink/black and white dress with all the funky flowers..whoo hoo!!!

We had the potluck today at work..I know I didn’t do too too bad however I am sure I’m gone over my 20 pts..I’m not going to stress over it…it’s just one day…and it’s not like every day/week or even month we do something special at work…it was also for a good cause!

Have a wonderful weekend sisterchicks!