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arghh.. headache :S

Waking up with a headache isn’t fun at all—Makes me dread the day already!

On a brighter note my weight this AM is 144.5.(which would bring my total weightloss to 85.5 lbs!) Is the scale FINALLY moving???? If its the same tomorrow it will be a 2 lb loss…Keepin my fingers crossed!

Off to a busy day!

Have a great day sisterchicks!

545-Home from work..headache is still around…didn’t eat a whole lot today..gonna have a grilled chicken on salad…something light..i’m holding on for dear life to that….Wondering if I am looking “sick” looking to others…a child returned to daycare today ( was off all summer and Sept) and his father commented on my weightloss and said “oh my goodness look how much weight you’ve got gone….it is intentional right, you’re okay?” WTF??? I said “yes just a lot of exercise and dieting” and he responded ” well don’t lose anymore will ya?” ( Keep in mind that his wife is very tall and scrawny!) I then was all paranoid and asking my coworkers did I look ill???? They said that I looked dragged down and pale ( obviously…I’m so stressed lately and I said heck with makeup today ) and to anyone who hasn’t seen me in quite a while would think that such a dramatic weight loss would probably be due to illness..hmmm….Other than that just had a very tall, dark and handsome hold a door open for me..hahaha so i’m not that “SICK” looking–unless he thought I was and too ill to hold it myself..oh dear ..haha..Anyways I don’t care what anyone thinks..I know I feel fabulous and I’ve worked my butt off–I’m not starving myself or bulimic…

Tomorrow at work we’re having a potluck and to take part all staff must donate $5.00 to Breast Cancer Society…(we’re also going to wear pink and have a bake sale with the children next week..they will bake and “sell” their treats to their parents). I am going to make chicken fried rice with lots of veggies in it and scrambled egg whites…I am chosing to not count points tomorrow…a treat day for myself..Sometimes it gets very exhausting worrying about food and being limited with a number of points. I know one meal isn’t going to ruin everything I’ve worked for..heck I had Mcd’s last Fri and STILL lost two lbs this week.

7:58-Taking a break from cleaning and found a song online that I had heard lately on the radio but didn’t know the name/artist…Really good upbeat POSITIVE song…”Beautiful U R” by Deborah Cox. Some of the lyrics are….. Great catchy tune for y’all!

It’s your life
Thing may not always go right, for you
In those times
Just leave it behind
Cause sometimes you gotta play the game
Just to survive
Without losing yourself
It’s a fight, it’s true
It takes time
Don’t have all the answers
No matter how hard it gets
Hold on to what’s inside

Don’t never let nobody bring you down girl
Don’t never let nobody tear your world apart
Look in the mirror and see who you are
Beautiful U R