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So i had mentioned that I had signed up on The Daily Plate (  It does take a lot of work and time tracking and searching all the foods. I am still following the weight watcher points because I know it has obviously helped me lose all the weight all along..duh..however today I even went over my points by 3 (23) and on the Daily Plate it states that I am still able to eat 168 calories. I also burned about 350 calories in Mary’s aquafit class tonight…whoo hooo……..In the physical activities listed it says that basic aerobics burn about 358 calories and the low impact aqua aerobics burn about 262 calories…I assume it was about the 350 because it is pretty intense…and my Saturdays instructor was asked about how many calories we burn and she guessed about 300 in a regular class. Mary’s class is NOT a regular class.

Anyways I feel so great bf is home..YAY…and he’s not pushing me on eating junk OR slacking off on the gym…he said he doesn’t expect me to give up what I’ve been doing all along just because he is home. Yesterday for supper we had chicken veggie burgers and vegetable fried rice..and today Chicken pasta bake thingy I make with whole wheat pasta, pasta sauce, steamed veggies…chicken breast and cheese….soo yummy and healthy and he hasn’t complained once..whoo hoo…I hope I can keep this up. I did buy a chicken pizza for tomorrow’s supper with a salad…I know I have to give a little bit especially considering how cooperative he’s being with our eating…It’s all about moderation and how much I eat.

Have a great night chickies!


worried :(

So yesterday’s weight was up…which I should have expected…I’ve totally slacked off on being so crazy with my eating lately..perhaps I’m feeling ready to maintain..I know I’ve lost quite a bit and the scale is just going back and forth which is going to happen now that the majority of my weight is gone.

Home from aquafit..class was great as usual..however it doesn’t compare to what a great workout Monday’s class is with Mary as the instructor..I WISH she could teach every single class..I know i’d be losing the lbs Today’s instructor made homemade Halloween cookies last night and brought them in to share..WTF??? Most everyone ate one except me…I am trying my hardest lately to stay on track or make healthier choices and I don’t care what the others think of me for not eating one. Another girl said “oh don’t forget your cookie..and I responded with “Honestly I don’t really feel like a cookie” What else was I to say???

Food for the day so far…..two slices of french toast…..(egg whites and weight watcher bread) and E.D. Smith low sugar syrup…..banana, orange and a Curves 100 calorie/4gm fibre granola bar.

My boyfriend is officially off work for awhile and on his way home from the airport..I’m so scared of my eating and my ability to control what I eat when he’s around. He has started to make comments like it seems like he is with a different girl altogether……he’s not used to the bony hips, shoulders, etc….He says I look extremely beautiful but a part of me thinks that he thinks I’ve gone to far with it…..when he does makes these comments I tell him if he’s not happy to go find someone else who’s larger if that is what he…yes I’m cruel and blunt…..he insists its not that..just hard to get used to. Hopefully now with him being home more he will get “used” to the new

Thought of the day: I think that fitness instructors should encourage healthy lifestyles and choices by NOT bringing in temptations such as “sugar cookies” as a treat for working out! I knew I was going to eat my granola bar when I got home and that was enough for me.

7:05pm..Has anyone ever checked out The Daily Plate?? According to my weight/height/age/activity level ( I chose moderate because i don’t work out everday and i work at childcare which is in that level) It said I need to eat 1962 calories for me to lose 1lb a week..isn’t this A LOT??? Does this sound correct??? According to what I’ve eaten today I only ate 830 and I burned 241 at aqua aerobics…I am wondering if my problem is that some days I’ll eat a LOT of calories and some other days not enough..such as today..what CAN I eat to increase my calories for the day but not go crazy with it???? Suggestions plz?

Just redid the calorie calculator..and I put in Friday’s weight 144.5 instead of the 145 I had in there..I also chose “lose 2lbs a week” and that brought me to 1457 calories a day..which seems more Wondering if I should give up finally on the Points counting and concentrate on calorie counting…does anyone have any experience with just calorie counting? It kind of scares the crapola out of me!

Inspirational video :-)

I just found this video on youtube..god how i love thee..the website i….it’s very inspirational although I think it created by a health coach perhaps trying to get more clientele….It’s great check it out 😛

Had a pretty good day so far…….I am seriously always craving peanut butter though..and every night i’ll allow myself a teaspoon or some on a butter knife..i cannot help’s like once I eat it i’m like……ahhh..soo…and once i have a bit I’m okay..I guess it’s better than craving fries or something :).

Tired so gonna make this a short one..

later gators


time to get back on track!

In yesterdays blog i probably forgot to mention that I totally fell off the wagon this weekend with my food…I had homemade bread, pancakes, Mcd’s..the embaressing list goes on and on and on………………..

This morning I was up 3lbs! This is crazy! I need to get ahold of myself and my diet NOW! So far today I stayed on track..I didn’t do any exercise…I got off work, ran to grocery store and home…we’re having a rainstorm here and the thought of going outside is not even going through my head..I know, no excuse..I have a Tony Little Gazelle here in the house……I did go to Aquafit last night and let me tell ya…Mary sure did work us…she even asked me at one point if I was doing okay..we had to do kicks in the water and try to lift our feet to the top of the water…she said myself and another girl must have been really working hard because our faces were so red and our legs were up in our faces..whoo hoo…feels great to be noticed for the hard work i was doing..but after my eating I thought that I definitely had to push it.

I did a count of all the fibre I ate today…grand total of approx. 36 grams ( If i did all the calculations right) this TOO much fibre?? is it possible to even eat too much? I thought I should eat a lot to help rid my body of some of the junk i ate on the weekend..not sure if this will help but I hope so.

I bought some Curves bars tonight…100 calories each..and 4 gms of fibre in each bar..whoo hoo…I bought Chocolate Peanut and Strawberry..yummy..and only 1pt each!

Have a great night sisterchicks!

Wonderful weekend!

Back in town today from being home….had a great time with a lot of family whom I haven’t seen in years and the wedding was beautiful! Lots of fall decorations and orange bridesmaids dresses..just gorgeous!

The only thing I didn’t enjoy over the weekend was the CONSTANT attention I got about my weightloss…yes it’s great to be noticed however I felt that EVERY conversation was about it and I got so sick of talking about it, Most of it was positive and people saying how great i looked however a few family members made comments that I shouldn’t lose anymore…….about how pale I am……..( Ummmm I’ve ALWAYS been pale but now because i’m skinny and not fat it must be because i’m looking My mom and grandmother made a few comments that I look great however they also don’t think I need to lose anymore….so therefore I felt all weekend that I had to prove to them I’m not starving myself and not afraid to eat…I did eat homemade bread, pancakes, etc….and felt horrible after for splurging just to please them.

My boyfriend somehow suddenly notices a big difference in myself..perhaps because of everyone talking about it…………he thinks I look great however very “bony”..I think he’s finding it a little difficult to get used to the bony elbows, hips etc…that used to be covered in soft fleshy fat………. I tried to explain to him that he may see a difference however I really haven’t lost much since the last time he was home..perhaps inches because of the exercise at the gym.

The main thing is that I feel great about my weightloss and I know that I do not want to weigh less than 140lbs……I am not going to gain weight just to please others…perhaps some of them are jealous because they talk of losing weight but are not ready to do something about it. The 143lbs I am now is NOT underweight……..I don’t think I look ill..just very different than what they re used to seeing me..that is something they are going to have to get used to..and thats just that 😛


not so bad!

This morning’s weigh in is 143.0..only up .5 from last….I’d much rather have gone down however it’s not too bad considering how horrible last weekend was.

Anyways getting ready to go..almost packed..YAY!



Went to the gym tonight to work out with “S” my friend of a friend who is so sweet! She showed me how to use some of the machines and i did 20 minutes on the treadmill ( Keep in mind that  I honestly could barely move today at all…….still beyond sore from the Ab blaster class…my ribs and sides hurt so much!) We worked out and walked around the track 3 times…about 60 minutes total…However some of those minutes include “S” demonstrating different machines and then me using hey considering the physical state I’m in I thought I did really well. Now my legs are in complete Jello form…felt like I was going to fall down over the stairs 😛

Today a child came up to hug me and he jammed his head into my side…..I almost screamed! LOL…and explained to him that he has to give gentle hugs because his teacher is um a little tender……….

One of my coworkers is selling Mint Girl Guide cookies and has been insisting that I buy some……almost to the point of nagging……and it actually drove me insane because she of all people should understand…..( she is about 133 lbs and has lost a LOT of weight since having two children ) she is OBSESSIVE with the food she eats and I swear lives on salad. I also once heard her say to her daughter who was being served Apple Juice at daycare that “wow this is a treat, you never get that at home” meaning the juice..i was like WTF??????

Anyway I calmly tried to explain twice to her that I cannot buy any because I love these cookies so much that I CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to resist having them around me..I am not joking people…and her reply was “well just take them home for your family this weekend” I said “That is like giving an alcoholic a bottle of wine for when he/she haves company over” Anyways to shut her up I bought them..opened them and gave them to the children……….of course I ate two and left them in the car to take home. She just sent me a message on the computer and asked if I had “gotten into the cookies yet” almost like she wanted/expected me to! arghhhhhhh felt like telling her to shove it……but responded with “well I told you i would and i did..I cannot control myself around my absolute favourite things”

Anyways taking tomorrow AND Monday off..yahoooooo! I pick bf up at 1130 am and then we’re on our way home!!! Going to be a very busy busy weekend!

Toodles Noodles!



Title says it all………It hurts when I stand up straight or when I laugh or do ANYTHING…lol….I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck…especially my sides. Aquafit tonight and I HAVE to go because I will not get any exercise while i’m home..(except dancing whoo hoo..thats IF i can move by then!) YAY wedding! Going to bring TWO of my new dresses..the simple one for church and reception and the cute and sexy one for the dance..whoo hoo!!

Food has been good today…chicken breast with vegetable fried rice ( just in some non stick spray lol) with egg whites scrambled in it…I’m on this huge protein kick lately..had scrambled egg whites for breakfast…a veggie burger for lunch (17 gms of protein!) and chicken/egg whites for supper. Why is protein so good for you?? I think it keeps you full for longer..and I definitely need to have that feeling with only 20 pts a day :(.

Have a great night..hopefully the water aerobics will stretch out these sore muscles and ease some of the


915pm Aquafit was cancelled when I got there…a child got sick in the pool and they had to close the pool up for the night…..Anyways I got a few errands done which is great…..also bought these Pringles Select chips……….3 pts for 27 and they are so friggin good! Jalapeno Ranch…mmmmm…

whoo hoo i did it!

So got off my arse tonight and WENT to that Ab blaster class at the gym..oh my GOD…it was SOOO hard! LOL. There was an elderly couple there who also go to Aquafit and I struck up a convo w/ them as soon as I seen them…and just followed their…..

First of all I dropped a dumbbell at the beginning of the class and it almost landed on my foot and after the workout in the changeroom i dropped my water bottle and it broke..water everywhere… lol..only me..only me…:P Anyways as difficult as it was I attempted it and I am still alive lol. Will I do try it again? Hmm..probably.

One wonderful thing about the gym is the eye…except the cocky ones who think and know they look great….how unattractive is that???

Food has been good today…trying to drink a lot more green tea because I know how great it is supposed to be for you and I know I loaded my body with a lot of nasties over the weekend.

Anyways it’s bed and book time!


Happy Turkey day :)

So my weight this morning was up to 146…up a whoppin 3.5 lbs and its all my own fault…yesterday I went to a friends house for supper..she had a rotesserie chicken and some salads and I brought some stuffing and a salad…ate way too much as well as some frozen yogurt which wasn’t too bad but I am sure I went over my points as well.

I had picked up some snacks (Multigrain Tostitos and the nacho cheese dip) for Games Night the other night and because it was cancelled I had it here at my house..arghhhhhhhh…and of course I could NOT resist opening it and having a few..a few then led to more………so much sodium in that stuff and so unhealthy and processed..I ended up telling my sister that her and her bf HAVE to finish eating the junk so  I could not eat it. I am probably retaining some of the salt in all that food.

I also haven’t been to aquafit since last Monday..a week ago! Wed night  I babysat..and the horrible Sunday instructor filled in for Saturday’s instructor..and I was damned to be going to her on either day…but I am going tonight for sure.

Also went to a children’s bday party and out of all the goodies/ junk there the only thing I ate was a rice krispie cookie..not even any cake…I took the boy and his brother today to Mcdonalds ( I gave him Mcd’s money for his bday) for lunch and I had a fruit and yogurt parfait. I am trying my hardest to get this food back on track!! I need to or  I am going to gain it all back and I DO NOT want to be one of those people who lose all their weight and gain it all back.

Things I need to do/remember:

-When buying snacks for any social event only buy healthy snacks in case it gets cancelled and the snacks are here in the house.

-If I do not go to Aquafit I NEED to do some sort of other exercise..whether it’s walking or go to the gym and use the machines or go to another class.

-Increase water intake!

That’s it for now.


9:40 pm……..Went to another amazing aquafit class by Mary…definitely have to give her a Christmas card thi year…she is my inspiration!  Just got out of a very relaxing candlielit bath and drinking green tea….Going to read a Joy Fielding novel and then bed…..Aquafit puts me into some sort of zen…perhaps its exercise itself…almost rejuvenating..makes me realize how far I’ve come and how hard I’ve worked to give it all up and fall completely off the wagon…I know I can get back on track with my eating and tomorrow night I think I will try the 30 minute Abblaster class at the gym…If i don’t give it a try I’ll never know if I’ll like it..I am kind of intimidated going to a class on my own and kind of afraid that there will be a lot more “fit” and skinny girls…I know I shouldn’t be…however like I just said if i don’t go I ‘ll never know and it’s better for me to have given it a shot then to sit around here on my butt thinking about going. Toodles Noodles! ( I say this to the kids a lot, lol)

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