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Takin a break tonight :)

Gonna take a break from the gym tonight..I’ve done aqua aerobics for the last 3 days…….TOM today..oh joy oh bliss…all I want to do is eat junk..I have a few extra points left so I’m going to eat a boiled egg and a spoonful of pb..then they’re gone and I know I have none left to eat junk! And from now on its just me and my…I may drop up to a friends house later just to get out of the house..I love the freedom I have now that I have a car! whoo hoo!

Aquafit tomorrow night..not sure if i’ll go…(kind of personal but i hate so I just may go to a class…..I have a new found friend, Steph whom I met through another friend…we seem to get along great..probably because all of our friends are single and if we are out clubbing we are the “taken ones” lol. Steph came along to Aquafit the last two classes ( she signed up at the gym a while ago but had never tried the aqua class) and she said tomorrow she will probably do Group Power…by the same fab instructor we had last night! I may go because I honestly would love to have a buddy and someone to motivate me..keep me going! LOL..

One awesome thing I’ve discovered since losing weight and getting more active is how much more energy I have with the children…I’m the teacher who is playing tag…the children running around and chasing me..or vice versa………..I’m running around like a crazy nut..but the main thing is how much fun they’re having! Today I got them to do all kinds of stretches and exercises…they loved it so much! The most rewarding thing about working with childrenĀ is when I look at them and they have huge smiles upon their faces..thats when I know I’m doing something right with them.

Anyways I’m off to eat my boiled egg…I’ll slice it and sprinkle pepper on it….I know boring but it’s to avoid binging on crap…

Have a lovely evening!