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Good Morning y’all!

Up a lb this morning..hmmm…oh well I know I’m workin my butt off at those classes and that is more important than a lb…..I made a mistake with the schedule for the’s CardioKick tonight before Aquafit…I’d love to do both but my calves are even more sore today…so perhaps not a good idea?? I am still definitely going to go to water fitness….

Breakfast was scrambled egg whites/peppers and salsa with ww toast (plain) and hazelnut vanilla coffee…(bf bought me a wonderful coffee machine that can be set…so 7am this morning all i could smell was coffee…yummmm!)

Have a great day sisterchicks!

9:35pm…Home from Aquafit..boy am I glad I didn’t do a class before tonights aqua class….I got winded at one point..probably working it to hard…Tonight’s instructor is 61 years old and a true inspiration to all of us…She said she was up at 5am this morning..taught a 6 AM Group Power class ( strength training with weights) then taught a Chi yoga class at 10 am…THEN a regular yoga class at 515pm and FINALLY my aquafit class tonight. She is truly an amazing woman and I am so wanting to go to a yoga class now!!!! Out of the 3 classes I’ve went to she is the most upbeat and fun of all….She had us dancing in the pool and cracking up laughing….I swear I’ll never miss another Monday night’s class!!!! My calves are still feeling sore..she said probably from not putting my heels down on the bottom of the pool when I is probably a combination of that and getting a good workout! She also did a lot of strength training with the foam weights in the water…AMAZING…I recommend water aerobics to anyone is who looking for a fun, low impact and refreshing workout!

Loving the autumn colors and activities with the children so thought I’d edit the colors of todays blog :-)…Like the leaves of trees I too am changing every day.

Thanking myself so much for rejoining the gym!!! No aquafit tomorrow night so I may take a break or look into doing something different..hmmmm….

Have great night!

Just realized that my 1lb gain today could possibly be the TOM that is going to come in a day or so….didn’t occur to me until i read it on Joy’s blog..same thing for her today.. :-(…Evil and nasty TOM!