Archive for September 26th, 2008

So happy it’s the weekend :P

For some reason this whole week seems like an entire blur….just a bunch of work days all mushed together and somehow it’s Friday..yay!

Weigh in this morning—STILL 146.5….Is this the weight I am supposed to be??? Should I just be satisfied that I have done this well and take it for what it is?? My original goal was 150 and I always said i’d be beyond satisfied if I ever did reach it…..then I decided upon an Ultimate goal of 140…….absolutely NO lower than that…I had a glimpse of 145.5 last Saturday but it doesn’t seem to want to go any lower. Perhaps I need to up my exercise..or for that matter do any sort of exercise–I’ve completely slacked off on walking and totally gave up on the c25k….I cannot stick to anything..perhaps I should definitely join the gym because I know if I am paying for it I have to use it!

Craving Mcd’s so badly lately—I know w/ Weight Watchers you are given 35 “extra” points for the week so I said shag it today and went ahead and got it……double cheeseburger and fries………I take full accountability for it..I am not beating myself up over it and I know I will be back on track tomorrow. I read Photochick’s blog earlier titled Eating for Life..It totally makes sense..a diet is something you start and finish…If you eat for life you can chose something unhealthy and move on with your healthy lifestyle..there are going to be hundreds of temptations throughout life and it’s all about moderation.

Have a great weekend chickies!