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My scale is a JERK!

Hehehe yep it is…I’ve often sworn on my scale…or just wanted to throw it out……..or smash don’t worry I can control my frustrations because I have become dependant on it now and it’s such a horrible thing…………weighed myself this morning..and it was dodging between 145.5 and 146………what a friggin jerk??? After I was 147.5 yesterday (technically my ‘weigh in’ day) I am assuming it has to be water retention…hell I did have chinese food Wednesday night…my own fault and i should’ve known better…oh dear!

On a brighter note I bought a car last night!!! Kia Rio….something cheap on gas….get me from Point A to Point B ( I don’t do a whole lot of driving) Something to get me to/from work..a friends house/shopping..thats about it………Anyways up until I had bought the car I was thinking I wanted to rejoin my old gym but it was too far from my house so thought perhaps about joining the newer more expense gym that is closer (that has less options/classes than my old one) The old gym has a pool for aqua aerobics..which is 5 times a a walking track..the usual gym and a ton of classes ( Spin, yoga, cardiokick, etc…)

I am really thinking of rejoining because A) I have wheels now to get me…………B) They offer so much more than the gym close to my house and C) I’ve been to the gym before and LOVED LOVED LOVED the aquafit..which is one of the main things I’d do there and the gym near my house has NO pool! 🙁 D) CHEAPER! 🙂

Anyways it’s 7:25 am and it kills me to be up this early on a Saturday but i am off to the garage to get my car inspected!! (Thankfully my sis works with the automotive department and can get me in first thing!)

My mom and her bf of ten years are coming to town today ( my hometown is 3 hours away..and probably 4 for them because of how slow they drive, lol) and we may go out for supper tonight…oh dearrrr….Last time they were in they ordered KFC while I had veggies and a Luine Cuisine………..WILL POWER I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day chickies!

11:15 AM:   While I was waiting around for the car ( which thankfully only needed brake shoes to pass inspection…..I told the mechanic to make sure the shoes were high heel…I know my humour is soo dry/lame!) I went to a clothing store nearby ..I am in desperate need of some new fall clothes..I have NOTHING!!! …..and bought a pair of size 7 casual black pants ( that can be dressed up) and they make me look sooooo tiny/feel hot to trot! Again in the change room I had another one of my “surreal moments”………thinking HOW did I get from Size 16-18 to a Size 7?????????????????   Anyways all I have to say is:                       

                                  KISS ME ARSE GOODBYE 9’S!!!!!!!!—HELLOOOOOOOOOOO 7’S!!!!