Archive for September 14th, 2008

Need some energy!

I feel soo lazy lately..I cannot remember the last time I walked OR jogged…I feel exhausted most of the time and just so BLAHH…Today is a beautiful day here and I’ve sat inside the entire day! I need to kick myself in the BUTTTTTT!

I made grilled tuna sandwiches for supper..soo yummy..I bought a little grill and the only thing I’ve used it for are sandwiches…they are my obsession….with weight watcher bread of course!

Went out w/ some friends last night…and I usually drink Hydra coolers but I’m sure they’re loaded with sugar and empty calories….instead made a drink of Crystal Lite, diet 7up and flavoured vodka! Really great but full of chemicals!! lol

My boyfriend is home on Tuesday..YAY!!! I’m not going to fret about my eating while he is home..he’ll eat most anything and never complains…thats why I prefer to do the cooking..let’s me be in control! We may go out to eat next weekend so I will have to save some points!!

I have an evil craving lately of fries and gravy…went out shopping/supper Friday night with two of my girlfriends and totally wanted to give in but instead had Extreme Pita (at the Food court)…soo yummy but darn expensive…$11 something for the pita/drink/baked chips combo! But also worth every cent!