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long time!

Soo…it’s been a few days since my last blog…stayed at a friends house ALL weekend (even though she literally lives 10 minutes…

So three reasons why I haven’t written……..guilt/avoidance because a) didn’t have a particularly healthy weekend…mcd’s for fri supper…subway..not too too too bad for lunch on Sat. and two tim horton’s peanut butter cookies for dessert :-(. I literally crave PB and these cookies are insanely delicious! I bought one for my friend and myself and she didn’t eat who ended up eating it? of course, moi………..b)…..I’m literally DRAINED!… I came home from work last night and had a wonderful two hour nap…wondering if it’s my iron again…really really should get this looked into..I’ve had headaches for the past two weeks straight at work and I know it’s stress related…pretty terrible when I am awake at 430 am thinking of the problems at work :(. C) Again guilt because I have not walked or even done Day 3 of Week 3(C25K)…….two reasons…..1) physcally and mentally exhausted and all I care to do is sleep….2) I know that after this week it’s going to get harder! I have to jog for 5 minutes in a row..which I am finding a little intimidating…I wonder if a part of me is putting it off to prolong the big scary 5 minute jog..also I only found a good podcast for week 4 Sunday night that I have to load on my Ipod…there is NO way I can do it all by keeping track with the timer..too confusing!

I think I am going to do W3D3 tonight………it’s now or never and I hate hate hate quitting things! If I had planned to quit the c25k why did I even bother starting it in the first place????????

So there I’ve laid out all of my reasons for not blogging..out there for the world to Also when I am stressed I EAT..finding this so difficult!

7:35 pm…Just home from w3d3……feels amazing as i usually do afterwards…a little harder to get back into because I haven’t done ANY exercise in the past few days..Also the last 3 minute jog of the whole thing I pushed myself further and jogged for an entire 5 minutes! YAY..So I know I can do it without dying because I am still……….my face was lobster red by the end of it but I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!..also nervous though because there are TWO 5 minute jogs in the whole run! My problem is that I sit and waste time dwelling over things and worrying…instead I should just get off my ass and get out there and do it…I should be proud of the fact that I am attempting these runs and not worry so much about how “good” i will be at doing them! Does that make any sense?