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Happy Friday Y’all!

I am beyond happy that it’s Friday..this week has been soo hectic that I don’t know if I could manage another few days…thank GOD the director is scheduled to be back on the 15th ( if the Dr. gives her the go ahead) and that means that only one more week of being left in charge..I like the responsibility but because this is such a crazy time of year I find it a little difficult!

So this mornings weigh in…148.0..whoo hoo…I usually weigh myself a few times in a row because sometimes it is different the 2nd time……..and I even saw 147.5 poking out…but it stayed at 148…Thank you lord…..So glad that yesterdays mini binge didn’t effect today’s weigh in and i didn’t gain….Last night before I went to bed I was curious to see how much i weighed and I was 149.5…so I said..”If i wake up tomorrow and it’s MORE than that there’s something wrong!” lol..

Anyways chickies have a wonderful weekend…I’m gonna hang out with my and perhaps a sleepover!LOL