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pleading guilty :-(

I’ve been dreading blogging tonight………today was an extremely stressful day at work..and i cannot control myself….When I’m stressed I eat…..arghhhhhhhhhhh……ate 3 oatmeal choc chip oatmeal cookies..and 3 tiny slivers of bday cake…….oh my I find that I am constantly thinking of food………..OCD! Seriously all I think of is work or something related to my diet……..I’ve had a headache for about 3 days straight and extreme tiredness…..I am doing 2 peoples jobs at my work..the director’s and the cook’s jobs…also with all the children back to school and figuring all that out (we drive children to and from school)….

I am wondering if I’ve deprived myself for so long that now I have lost all control ???????? And of course here I am beating myself up over today and knowing that my ‘weigh in’ is tomorrow is stressing me out even more ! It’s TOM and I am feeling constantly hungry..I even just ate 2 small tomatoes raw! I feel like I am spiralling out of control!