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hello chicklets!

Today was a good day…finding that I’m constantly hungry though…ate tons of, plum and peach….had oatmeal for lunch and corn bran for breakfast w/ half cup of milk…….leane cuisine for supper w/ a cup of steamed stirfry veggies mixed in….I brought a 5 gm fibre granola bar to work but didn’t eat it because I had to make oatmeal choc. chip cookies……ate two small cookies hoping that in small way to substitute the granola bar that i didn’t eat…..also had a 60 cal. fudgicle for dessert…….sugar is my weakness :-(!

Thinking of doing W2D2 tonight..just to get it out of the’s beautiful outside and the weather here is so unpredictable..could be pouring rain tomorrow…I also don’t feel sore from last night’s run..felt so good afterwards..sooooooo……….

Have a great evening chickadees!


Scale was back UP to 150.5 this morning……TOM so I may be retaining or perhaps because I haven’t ‘used’ the washroom in daysssss..i drink tons of water, eat tons of fruit/veggies..and every grain i eat is whole wheat ( tortillas, bread, pasta, oatmeal..etc….) I don’t know what’s going on inside ??? :-(! I know too much info but it may be affecting my weight!

8:26..Just went outside and did W3D2….oh god I feel so alive and great! The last 3 minute jog I kept going until it was 4 minutes and 35 seconds..whooo hooooo! Sweating like a beast but i did it!! No nauseousness tonight! What a gorgeous evening!