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Don’t have much time to write because I am getting ready for’s 630 AM but I weighed in this morning at 148.5…FINALLY the scale is moving!!!

**8:10pm Just got home from W3D1……..thought I would almost pass out on the second 3 minute run but i did it!!! ( got a little queasy though :-()… Also started to get a slight stitch half ways into my run but i pushed it aside and made myself ignore it……So proud to say I can jog for 3 minutes and NOT collapse….almost but i didn’t..haha…….Had a great day today foodwise…..wondering is it possible to eat too much fruit??? I had an apple, pineapple and half cup of grapes…Tonight i decided to try freezing grapes..I’ve heard so much about them and now i want to go eat the cup I ate…wondering if I’ve had enough already…I also had an scrambled egg white burrito for supper with sauteed mushrooms, green peppers and green onions and a huge salad………..yum yum! I even feel mentally healthier when I eat better!

Tonight’s positive note : I am thankful for the people who created C25K…its awesome and I feel awesome everytime i run!