what a wonderful day!

ok so work was a little better…Not much complaining/negativity from the girls..I am trying to be a much more positive person and it brings me down so much when other people are not..I have so much to be happy for!

Walked home from work..again..30 mins…Food was fabulous today….weight control oatmeal for breakfast…honeydew melon, apple and a peach…huge salad for lunch that I am absolutely in LOVE with..lots of veggies with 7 ( one pt..lol) crushed baked tostitos and 1-2TBSP low calorie Kraft roasted red pepper and parmeson dressing…….the crunchy tostitos totally makes the salad much more better…for a while I was getting so sick of salads and had to find something new! I had two egg burritos for supper..salsa, scrambled egg whites, salsa and peppers/onions in whole wheat ww wraps……….and a cup of steamed stirfry veggies..mmmmmm! Also just had a treat of Quaker granola crunchers…..I am also in love with anything in a 90 -100 calorie pack…perfect way to get rid of a craving! 

Also today was pizza day at work where we order pizza for the children..we have this once a month…just cut off a forkful and that was it! There were lots of leftovers that I coulda took home but nope..forget about it! Another parent brought in cupcakes for her child’s class because it was her last day and I didn’t even touch em…If I am tempted I try to think of something horrible about that particular food..for example….all the disgusting sugar in the icing……and i just keep repeating it..usually works.

Wondering if I should go ahead and do w2d3 of c25k..I know we’re supposed to have a day in between to give our bodies a break but I’d like to get it done and not tomorrow night..Might meet up with a friend at the mall for shopping and supper tomorrow..I think I will get something from Subway if we do!

Ok chickies have a great evening!


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