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I just noticed that somehow I wrote this blog as a Page yesterday and it didn’t show up in my blogs..strange! Anyways this is yesterdays blog and today’s blog is below :-)!

So I am definitely plateauing! I’ve been 149.5 and 150.5 for the past 4 weeks…that is crazy!! I am quite happy here at 150 and wondering if I should push to lose about 5 more..but this is the weight my body seems happy with or stuck at…I am wondering if I am eating enough?? Before i’ve always eaten more than 20 points and I’ve at 20..I am finding that I am still hungry and I am NOT losing anything…Maybe this week I should go back to 22…I am walking/jogging a lot and NOT counting that into my points..not adding any ‘activity points’. My biggest goal now is not on the scale…it’s getting toned and more fit!

I think with every blog i write I am going to write something that I am thankful for / positive about myself…I am trying to be a much more positive person….before I was the person who was so negative and always looked at the glass half empty…Sometimes I can still be this person so thats why I’ve decided to try this!

***I am so happy to have girlfriends who love to hangout/chit chat/shop! / and just spend time together!

Saturday splurge

The weekend was good up UNTIL yesterday…………..went out shopping with a friend and went to Pizza Delight for supper…..she is also dieting and goes to the gym a lot……and instead of ordering a salad which i always do I had garlic fingers and chicken, mushroom and onion pizza…ate two slices..and a nice few garlic fingers..Why does socialization always have to involve FOOD??? .I have no self control and I feel like such a hypocrite to even be writing on this site especially because I’ve lost my self control……arghh…anyways today was a much better day than yesterday food wise!

I still haven’t done w2d3 of C25K…… I am planning on doing it tonight..and starting week 3 tomorrow…to get right into it.

Went to Old Navy yesterday and bought a very cute white lacey nightie with black polka dots and an exercise tank top both for like 22.00! I love shopping so much now and getting good sales…just afraid that if i keep going the way I have been lately with the food I won’t be able to make any use of it.

I need to set of a goal for the next 7 days……….no junk…follow the plan and stick to my walking and running… I also think I’m eating too many of those 90-100 calorie snack packages..they are so addictive but have lots of sugar in them..argh……………….I need some motivation so desperately!

*** Update—–home from W2D3…feeling so good right now…and wondering what I would do without my Ipod…music makes running SO much easier! Soo nervous about week 3..jogging for 3 mins and then walking for 3….i just might pass out on the sidewalk….it’s a lot harder jogging outside also but all I can do is try..or

Forgot to end with something positive/thankful…hmm….I came up with this on my own..sort of a little quote…..”Each of us are given only one body, one LIFE……… ..what we do with it is up to us….we can NOT  take care of it and let it be destroyed over time or we can cherish it and take pride in it….dedicate ourselves to taking care of the body we were given and make our LIFE last as long as it possibly can.”..yep I made that up on a jog one night and it just stuck in my head..and I keep telling myself this!

Sprinkling happiness on all of you!

I don’t know about you all but since losing so much weight I have found my happiness and self esteem has increased so much! I actually feel great about myself..When I am looking in a mirror I find myself thinking of things I LIKE about myself and not things that are wrong……………..I feel strong, vibrant and thankful that I am simply ALIVE! I’m thankful that I can run/walk in a very safe environment..thankful for the fresh air I am able to breathe in and out daily. Thankful for 3FC for all your truly is amazing! Thankful for my ability to push myself further each time I jog/exercise…Thankful for my discipline that has gotten me this far..Thankful for all of my friends/family…Thankful to be employed which allows me to eat healthier..yes eating healthier costs more…it is a known…Just thankful for life itself..

So I’m asking you to all take a minute and think of the things you are happy/thankful for in your life..or even some things about you that you like!  Feel free to comment and let me know!

what a wonderful day!

ok so work was a little better…Not much complaining/negativity from the girls..I am trying to be a much more positive person and it brings me down so much when other people are not..I have so much to be happy for!

Walked home from work..again..30 mins…Food was fabulous today….weight control oatmeal for breakfast…honeydew melon, apple and a peach…huge salad for lunch that I am absolutely in LOVE with..lots of veggies with 7 ( one crushed baked tostitos and 1-2TBSP low calorie Kraft roasted red pepper and parmeson dressing…….the crunchy tostitos totally makes the salad much more better…for a while I was getting so sick of salads and had to find something new! I had two egg burritos for supper..salsa, scrambled egg whites, salsa and peppers/onions in whole wheat ww wraps……….and a cup of steamed stirfry veggies..mmmmmm! Also just had a treat of Quaker granola crunchers…..I am also in love with anything in a 90 -100 calorie pack…perfect way to get rid of a craving! 

Also today was pizza day at work where we order pizza for the children..we have this once a month…just cut off a forkful and that was it! There were lots of leftovers that I coulda took home but nope..forget about it! Another parent brought in cupcakes for her child’s class because it was her last day and I didn’t even touch em…If I am tempted I try to think of something horrible about that particular food..for example….all the disgusting sugar in the icing……and i just keep repeating it..usually works.

Wondering if I should go ahead and do w2d3 of c25k..I know we’re supposed to have a day in between to give our bodies a break but I’d like to get it done and not tomorrow night..Might meet up with a friend at the mall for shopping and supper tomorrow..I think I will get something from Subway if we do!

Ok chickies have a great evening!


hello chickies!

Hey all you chickies! Hope you’re all having a fabulous day…things here are was a headache..sometimes working with ALL women is a terrible thing….especially when you have a few that are SOO negative it just brings you down as well..I honestly wish I worked with some men….

Anyways…today I walked home from work..30 mins..AND I forced myself to do W2D2 of C25K..which was 35 mins 65 mins of exercise today..whoo hoo… glad I did..I was feeling soo tired and drained before I went and knew that if I stayed home I’d just be blahhhhhhhhhh…I do great starting out the c25k but about 15 mins into i i’m sweating like crazy and really pushing myself..perhaps this is a good my limits..Thankfully it doesn’t take long for me to catch my breath and recuperate lol..

I also pushed myself to do a bit more today because yesterday all the staff went out for supper and the restaurant ( which is my absolute FAVE) had a special on…two for one appetizers…..arghhhhh……….so instead of getting something healthy which I should’ve I had nachos…..GASPPPPPP and this Tex Mex Antojito..a tortilla with cheese, salsa, and lots of different veggies..I had a lot of pts saved for supper BUT I’m sure I blew them out of the water.

I didn’t go over my pts today..ate 3 different fruits..honeydew melon, apple and a med. peach..and had a HUGE salad for supper..and did all the ‘wogging’ (walking and jogging) lol…

Hope you all have a great night..I’m exhausted! 😛



It seems like all i do is bitch and complain….Let me tell you all about something that I just realized kinda bothers me..let me know if it would bother you all too or am I just overreacting .It’s about one of my closest friends…WHENEVER I see her/hang out with or run into..( I just seen her at the grocery store ) she ALWAYS greets me with “hey skinny bitch” or “hey skinny this or that” (this is just her and the way she jokes around–I dont take any offense to the bitch part of it at all)..but just that she always has to say something to me about being skinny..It’s ok to hear it once in a while but it’s ALL THE TIME..I know she’s told me that she’s proud of me but it kinda gets tiring after awhile…There’s more to me then losing weight..I don’t go on and on to her about my diet/weightloss and other than making these comments she doesn’t ask really how I am doing .Another thing that she told me recently is that she may start going to the gym with an ex- coworker—-she has expressed numerous times that she’s not that fond of her………I find it very odd because she knew I’d want to go or join up if I had a buddy..I’ve told her this many times before but I find it very odd that she wouldn’t ask me or invite me all I said was well..if she ends up not going I’d love to go…I mentioned this to another close friend and her reply was perhaps because they both have so much weight to lose she’d feel a bit intimidated going with you who already has lost so much and doing quite well…It’s sad but it could be true…. ANYWAYS i recently won a free 5 day pass to this gym and might say the heck with going with anyone and just go by myself….The only thing I have to lose by going is a few

Soo do u guys think I’m overreacting with the constant “skinny” comments????

Gosh I’m so glad that I haven’t told my friends or anyone about this’s like I can vent to you chicks and let it all out and not be!

Thanks girls..its great to hear all your opinions..i actually spoke to her last night and casually mentioned how she found the gym..she said she ended up not going because she was going to a family dinner….and she was like..”print off a free 3 day pass” on their site and come with us..sooo..I guess she isn’t as uncomfortable or is more comfortable if the other girl is with her..she is larger than my friend…I told her I’d wait until  I received the 5 day pass the gym was mailing me….much rather a 5 day than a 3 day pass 😛

finally LESS than him :)

So I weighed myself this morning as well as my boyfriend..ok so I made him…and I am back down to I dunno considered the drinks and out to supper on Saturday..perhaps it boosted my metabolism?? Anyways my boyfriend who used to always be about 175 had lost weight in the past 6 months being away working and he is 152.5…so this morning I weighed LESS than him!!!! FINALLY!!!! I’ve never had a bf who weighed less than me before so I always wanted to be lower than….I’m weird I know!

Also when I was changing yesterday I just happened to notice in a mirror that my thighs are SOOOO close to not touching anymore…whoo hoo..I despise my thighs and I still am not comfortable in shorter shorts…all summer long I’ve worn the ones down to my knees or capris…I tried on the one pair or shorter shorts I own yesterday and they’re a bit loose around the waist and bum and no longer tight around the thighs..they were when I bought them….I’m sure I look okay in shorter shorts but i know there’s cellulite there in a few places and I am so paranoid…The proof of the damage that was once done to my body (getting FAT) still exists and I hate that I’ve lost so much weight but still not comfortable in a pair of damn shorts..arghhhhhhhhhhh..Like I tell my friends..once you are ‘fat’ a part of you will always be ‘mentally fat’ :-(. Sad really!

Started a new page C25K progress..Just home from W2D1 and took a longer route the end my face was on red and I didn’t give up-that’s the main thing! I love how my legs are looking and feeling so much more stronger!

More before/after pics!

Unfortunately these are not fully body shots..The second and third pics were taken yesterday and the first pic was taken June 07 and the last pic July 07…gasp wearing a bathing suit! Yes these pics are all me…my hair is naturally blonde and I had it colored..and slowly let it come back..I also have contacts now but still wear the glasses occasionally.

yesterday..good with a bit of bad too!

Ok so yesterday started out fabulous….did my day 3 of week one..c25k…well I’m going go guess that i did it Ipod went dead when I was 5 minutes into my workout..boooo…so I had to count in my head and go from there..I know at one point I jogged much longer than the 60 seconds…I just wanted to test myself to see how far I could go!

My bf and I also spent the entire afternoon downtown walking around to all the little gift shops…had so much fun…we went out for supper and I totally splurged which I know I should not have done but I enjoyed it’s something that I haven’t done in quite a while!

My weigh in on Friday was one lb higher than last week…something I need to really work on..staying on track with my points…Just because I’ve reached my first goal doesn’t mean I can go crazy now and eat like I did a year ago! If i continue to do that I’ll be back where I started. :-(.

Have a great day chicklets!



YAY just home from doing my…..what i call my walking and jogging combo..did day two of week one…so glad I found time and energy……I went over my points today by 4…treated myself to a soft serve ice cream with the kiddies…I’m not going to stress myself out over my points..I know that for the most part I eat quite healthy and I am trying to be more active…I also walked 30 minutes yesterday….I am looking forward to going out to supper with my bf on the weekend but nervous also!!!

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