Fabulous day!

Even though work was a little stressful today I stuck by my plan and ate a TON of fruits and veggies (plum, peach, banana, steamed veggies and veggie salad) ,drank lots of water…and walked home from work  (35 mins)…..I find that walking totally refreshes my body and my mind and it clears my head totally of any stresses that may have gone on throughout the day.

My bf goes back to Alberta tomorrow so I will have 21 days to totally focus on myself. My goal is to lose 3.5 lbs and be at 150 when he returns….I know it’s not a whole lot to lose in 21 days but I am seriously beginning to think that my body is starting to maintain…and it’s so hard to lose these last few lbs….so I plan to work extra hard..stay on track and hopefully reach my goal. Wish me luck!!!!

I hope all of you have had a great day, ate well and made healthy choices. Just remember that tomorrow is another day and to not be so hard on yourself if you did make a bad choice…afterall we are only human 😛

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