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Ultimate test!

Ok I swore today I was going to have a good day–stick to my plan of eating..stay on points..and i did! Yahoo…..

However I gave myself an ultimate test earlier..and i didn’t even realize it…………….we were getting groceries and I had a whole bunch of healthy fruits and veggies, ww bread, salmon, etc.. on the counter to buy..and i seen some candy bars…Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…….need I say more?? and the first thing I thought was..ohh the bf would love these to take back with him to Alberta…….and when I got home I realized..I didnt even think about buying these for myself or the thought “maybe sacrifice 2 pts later on for just one cup” didn’t even enter my mind. This is a big accomplishment considering they are one of my absolute favourites…….ANYTHING with chocolate and pb together is a weakness.

So of course he couldn’t wait until he got back and opened one in front of me….offered one…….and i said “Nope.. I promised myself and I am keeping that promise and they were for you”…….so instead I had a 60 calorie Hershey’s mint chocolate stick……..which was on the plan AND only 1 point!