horrible weekend!

I am starting to believe that I have zero self control or I am losing the control that I once had. :-(. All started on Friday..I walked to work..did really good eating all day and drank lots of water..then my brother and I went out for supper..I ended up having greasy gross fries, gravy and chicken fingers! I am feeling kind of disappointed in myself…….yesterday I ate really well all day and went out for supper with my friends..I ordered a very yummy and not so bad salad..santa fe chicken salad with corn, spinach, lettuce, spicy chicken breast, cheese, peppers and black beans and a spicy ranch dressing…….that wasn’t too bad because I had a lot of points left for supper..then at the movie I opted out of popcorn..thank goodness..but my friend had these chocolate caramels and I ate so many….my stomach literally HURT when I got home..never again! I didn’t even try to limit myself like allowing myself to eat one or two…….I have lost ALL control….I am wondering if it’s because I am so close to goal weight that I am like oh well…..I know this is bad..i can’t just give up once I am there…or all of this hard work would have been pointless! It’s horrible that I worked harder when I had a lot more to lose rather than now when I have only a few lbs left to go! I SHOULD be working harder now!!

Hope you all had better luck this weekend than I did!

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