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 The first two pics were taken approx this time last summer and the 3rd of course is me now!piccccccccs1.jpg                      n595980296_680299_9312.jpgnew.jpg

This is me at 153.5!!!!!!!!!!

keepin my fingers crossed!

Okay so tomorrow is my official “weigh in” day………because I do Weight Watchers on my own I weigh myself……but this morning…..I was down 1.5 lbs from last week……..152! Praying that this stays the same tomorrow!!! That would bring my weight loss to a whoppin 78lbs!

Today was extremely difficult at work…….Once a month we have ‘Pizza Day’ for the kids and order in pizza from a local pizza parlour……..Of course I couldn’t resist and cut a small forkful off of a slice… was like a miniature…Also another child brought in a humongous cake made of all these little cupcakes………SO HARD!!!!!!!!!! I cut off a spoonful……..So i’m not happy that I gave into these temptations however I am happy that I only allowed myself that forkful/spoonful.

I am in the process of getting contact lenses (for the first time ever!) and had to go back to get a recheck tonight to see how I’m doing with the trials…….honestly I don’t know if i can use them because they’re driving me nuts……Whenever I go shopping or anywhere that’s air conditioned and with florescent lights they feel soooooooo dry and irritated. Anyways I left work and walked 30 minutes to my appt and I had to literally climb this really steep hill to get there…..I was amazed that when i reached the top I wasn’t out of breath (like i knew i would have been before!)..I was breathing deeply but not out of control…..I was so amazeddddddddd!  So glad that I decided to walk because the weather has been so crappy here lately that I’m not getting much walking done at all.

I am trying to figure out how to post before/after pictures of myself but for some reason I can’t get them to post……If anyone can help please do !!!!

Wish me luck folks! Hope you are all havin a great week!!


p.s. I wore my new size 8 jeans to work today and had 4 people tell me how great I looked in them..( they’re used to seeing me wear my older now baggier clothes hahahaha) …Felt like 100 bucks! lmao

Fabulous day!

Even though work was a little stressful today I stuck by my plan and ate a TON of fruits and veggies (plum, peach, banana, steamed veggies and veggie salad) ,drank lots of water…and walked home from work  (35 mins)…..I find that walking totally refreshes my body and my mind and it clears my head totally of any stresses that may have gone on throughout the day.

My bf goes back to Alberta tomorrow so I will have 21 days to totally focus on myself. My goal is to lose 3.5 lbs and be at 150 when he returns….I know it’s not a whole lot to lose in 21 days but I am seriously beginning to think that my body is starting to maintain…and it’s so hard to lose these last few lbs….so I plan to work extra hard..stay on track and hopefully reach my goal. Wish me luck!!!!

I hope all of you have had a great day, ate well and made healthy choices. Just remember that tomorrow is another day and to not be so hard on yourself if you did make a bad choice…afterall we are only human 😛

Thank you 3FC!

I just wanted to take the time out to thank all of you at 3FC and all you fellow bloggers who have commented on my blogs……..Your positive words and enthusiasm is a tremendous motivator for me…….It also makes my day to know that my journey and weightloss has motivated some of you..When I began this journey there were so many people who motivated myself so I feel like I am carrying the motivation forward…….a wonderful feeling! (I know I just wrote the word Motivate soo many times..SORRY! ) Anyways to you all I say, “THANK YOU” You truly are beautiful people both inside and out…( And don’t you forget that!)

Ultimate test!

Ok I swore today I was going to have a good day–stick to my plan of eating..stay on points..and i did! Yahoo…..

However I gave myself an ultimate test earlier..and i didn’t even realize it…………….we were getting groceries and I had a whole bunch of healthy fruits and veggies, ww bread, salmon, etc.. on the counter to buy..and i seen some candy bars…Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…….need I say more?? and the first thing I thought was..ohh the bf would love these to take back with him to Alberta…….and when I got home I realized..I didnt even think about buying these for myself or the thought “maybe sacrifice 2 pts later on for just one cup” didn’t even enter my mind. This is a big accomplishment considering they are one of my absolute favourites…….ANYTHING with chocolate and pb together is a weakness.

So of course he couldn’t wait until he got back and opened one in front of me….offered one…….and i said “Nope.. I promised myself and I am keeping that promise and they were for you”…….so instead I had a 60 calorie Hershey’s mint chocolate stick……..which was on the plan AND only 1 point!

Not such a good weekend :-(

Ohh gosh i need a good kick in the arse! I weighed myself yesterday morning and I am still at 153.5……..staying the same is better than a gain I tell myself…lol……..

Anyways my boyfriend is home until Tuesday and when he is home I find it so hard to stick with my weight watcher points! Last night I gave in and made nachos for us and tonight we had pizza for supper……WHERE is my self control????? We did have plans to go out for supper for his birthday (he was away working on his bday) so I am considering the pizza his birthday………….I definitely need to work extra hard this week and I made it quite clear to him that tomorrow I am back on track.We did go for a nice walk earlier but I’m sure it didn’t do much for the calories in the pizza.

On a brighter note..did MORE shopping today–something that I’m starting to thoroughly enjoy…. In the past i’ve dreaded shopping—-trying on clothes only to discover that I’d need a larger size or having to shop in the plus size section……but now I get to buy clothes in normal stores which of courses means that I get more choices and so many more sales..It’s crazy how cheap normal sized clothing is compared to larger clothes!

I hope you all have had a great weekend!


So i took the day off today..had it booked as one of my vacation days a while spend some time with my bf……anyways we went to Old Navy..which is on the other side of the city so i don’t get to go there very often…………well seeing how I am only a few lbs from goal i decided to try on some new jeans—-something that i’ve been putting off for a LONG time. Anyways……..tried on a pair of Size 8’s and they look awesome….even the girl working there said the 8 looked a lot better than the 10’s.( i tried on those too )……be being the pessimistic person  I am was afraid they’d be too tight…….So here I am lying on my bed wearing my new jeans and feeling on top of the world………..THIS EXACT TIME LAST YEAR I WAS BUYING A SIZE 16 AT OLD NAVY!……WHOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!

been a few days :)

Been a few days since my last blog……..been extremely busy with work…..director is off on medical leave and i’m basically left to fill her position…….which leads me to STRESS…….when i am stressed i just want to eat…’s crazy! I’ve done so so with my eating lately……..following my points for the most part……I treated myself on Monday past with a soft serve ice cream..while on a fieldtrip with my children at work…..It did fit into my points but i guess after last weekend I felt really guilty……and I’ve developed a sweet tooth ( which I’ve never really had before) I am craving sweets like crazy!!!! I’ve barely done any walking lately because the weather has been terrible…… NL we like to call it RDF ( rain, drizzle, fog ) :-(.

And now my bf is home…………and we ALWAYS go out for supper once while he is home..and he can eat whatever and not gain an ounce…he was just eating Doritos and i treated myself to….It’s sad to say but when he is away I can truly focus on myself and concentrate for 3 weeks which in a way is a bonus……… Oh mys..the pressure is on…….

This week I’d be satisfied if I even maintained at 153.5…as long as it’s not a gain I’ll be happy!



horrible weekend!

I am starting to believe that I have zero self control or I am losing the control that I once had. :-(. All started on Friday..I walked to work..did really good eating all day and drank lots of water..then my brother and I went out for supper..I ended up having greasy gross fries, gravy and chicken fingers! I am feeling kind of disappointed in myself…….yesterday I ate really well all day and went out for supper with my friends..I ordered a very yummy and not so bad salad..santa fe chicken salad with corn, spinach, lettuce, spicy chicken breast, cheese, peppers and black beans and a spicy ranch dressing…….that wasn’t too bad because I had a lot of points left for supper..then at the movie I opted out of popcorn..thank goodness..but my friend had these chocolate caramels and I ate so many….my stomach literally HURT when I got home..never again! I didn’t even try to limit myself like allowing myself to eat one or two…….I have lost ALL control….I am wondering if it’s because I am so close to goal weight that I am like oh well…..I know this is bad..i can’t just give up once I am there…or all of this hard work would have been pointless! It’s horrible that I worked harder when I had a lot more to lose rather than now when I have only a few lbs left to go! I SHOULD be working harder now!!

Hope you all had better luck this weekend than I did!


So happy this morning—-I am down 3 lbs from last week! so today I am weighing in at 153.5 lbs! ONLY 3.5 left to go!!!!!!!

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