Wearing heels to the grocery store!

I give as much credit to the steroid shot as I do the weight loss for being able to wear my favorite pair of heels.  Don’t get me wrong the are the low ‘kitten’ style but I love these shoes. So today I decide to wear them with my rapidly becoming loose size 18W trouser jeans and my cute little pullover top.  As I’m pushing my cart down the aisle I happen to look up and catch an gentleman’s eye. He smiles, I smile, then he does the up and down look.  I think he was checking me out!  No in a perverted or smarmy way.  We were probably about the same age and I get the impression he just liked what he saw.  Made my day!!!

It’s been a good day.  I just purchased one of those cute tunic made to be worn over leggings.  I got it in a size 16W.  Normally I would get a 18W but the weight is coming off I don’t want to have to replace it too soon.  The 16W actually fits very well but I tend to like things a little roomy.  So any way, with a few more pounds down it will be roomy!

The last couple of days I have had the munchies BAD!  I only allowed myself to eat healthy choices but I have to say today has been a day of being satisfied and with far less food than the previous two days.  It’s nice to know that hunger has its own cycles for reasons I don’t understand but that it isn’t permanent. I’ve been really careful to only eat when I’m hungry.  Today was a good day!

It’s been a while….

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been extremely busy helping out some friends with a terminal illness. He passed on Wed, September 23 2009. 

No time or energy to workout but because the work was often physical I have continued to lose wt.  This just proves to me that increasing a persons daily activity counts alot!  I have been able to stay on my eating plan too which pleases me to no end.  I see my emotional eating patterns and I feel that I’m starting to get a handle on that.

Anyway, update is that I have lost a total of 30# at this writing.  Happy Happy Happy dance!

23 years of marriage celebrated!

Last night my hubby and I celebrated 23 years of marriage.  We went to a fondue restaurant and I am so proud of me.  I really managed my food choices well.  Left feeling content but not overstuffed.  Weighed myself this morning and wt was the same as the day before.  Yay!

Loving my hubby more than ever and loving this new change I’m seeing in myself!

shot in the knee-ow!

So, I’ve been having problems with my knee–apparently I have arthritis.  Today I finally got in to get a steroid shot to see if that helps more than the Aleve.  For now, I’m a little achy so I went ahead and took an Aleve. 

Here’s hoping….I’ll keep you posted.


Life has been busy and will continue to be busy for the next two weeks.  One event I’m coordinating, one wedding, one anniversary (mine-23 years!!!), and one birthday. 

I have had a couple of very stressful life events. I am proud of myself for maintaining and making very few slips.  I continue to tell myself that I will not punish my own body by turning to food for comfort just because I’m aggravated at someone else or something else.

It’s working.  I also am taking time to analyze if I’m truly hungry before I reach for one of my ‘allowed’ snacks.

Bistro MD is working for me.  I am so happy someone else is doing all the work!

I also ordered a new scale because I suspect my old one, even after replacing the battery is not accurate.  It’s on it’s way!  Can’t wait to get it!!!


Again, I had to be out of the house today.  Ate out, choosing a delicious salad again.  Came home and although everything in me wanted to justify NOT get on the treadmill, I walked for 30 min anyway!


Proud of me!

Today was different

I have never been able to understand leaving a morsel of food on my plate.  I was raised to be part of the clean plate club. Well…..

Today I took two of my sons out to lunch and having contemplated a thread talking about the way skinny people eat vs the rest of us I decided that I really was starting to feel full so I stopped eating.  Yes, I left food on my plate AND I threw it away.  I did not get a doggie bag and take it home.

That felt good.  Oh, and since I had to be out of the house for most of the day I walked for 30 min. this evening while watching part 3 of the Torchwood mini series.  That went by fast!

A new day!

Couldn’t help myself.  After walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes yesterday the first thing I wanted to do was weigh myself this morning.  I did and I had gone down a pound–yippee!  I felt so encouraged by that I walked another 30 minutes today on the treadmill!


No weight loss for last week

Well, crap!  I have lost weight consistently until I weighed myself this morning and then it was zip, nothing.  Of course this is the first week of the Christmas challenge and I have nothing to report. But, I am not going to let this get me down.  I reported my zero. I am going to up my exercise level.  Today I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and my knee really did well so I think I can do that more often. I think the Aleve the Dr. wanted me to take for the arthritis in the knee is finally kicking in.  Still considering a steriod injection because it could feel better.  But the good news is that I have gone from an agonizing burning pain to uncomfortable jabs of pain…..;)

I’m feeling really good about what I’m doing.  This Bistro MD meal plan is really working for me. So far only one meal I just hated so I’ll need to make sure they know not to send that any more.  I’m feeling better than I have in quite awhile.  I think there is something to the glycemic index way of eating.  I don’t “crash” anymore like I used to after eating white bread, etc.   I am full and content on this kind of food.  Some days I can’t finish what they’ve provided for the day–that used to never happen, I never felt full.  I used to wonder if I was a stress eater, but I see it was less of stress eating and more not being satisfied with what I was eating.  I like this insight!