I figured it would be easiest to keep a separate page for goals so every time I reach one I can quickly update it.

Mini-goals (in no particular order):

Be under 215 by October 10, 2011 – met 9/10/11 exactly 1 month early 🙂

Be under 200 by Thanksgiving – met 10/10/11

Single digit sizing(8 and under!)

Overweight BMI (163 lbs)

Normal BMI (136 lbs)

190’s – met 10/10/11

180’s – met 11/7/11

180.5 HALF WAY POINT – met 11/21/11

170’s – met 11/21/11





jogging 5K

jogging 10k

jogging 10 miles

jogging 1/2 marathon!

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