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This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Pumpkins scream in the dead of night! I love Halloween 🙂  I love seeing all the cute kids dressed up and the smiles on their faces getting a treat.  I’m such a sucker for a cutie…seriously, the cuter the kid the more candy I give them, haha! My daughter’s […]

Busy weekend

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Good Sunday morning!  I have had a busy few days and haven’t been able to get on here to post but I wanted to make sure I got something posted this weekend so here I am. I started adding some jogging into my morning walks on Friday.  About every other day I’m jogging part of […]

I got my 1st compliment on my weight loss yesterday and let me tell you what, it felt great 🙂  A former co-worker and friend that I haven’t seen for about a month stopped by the office yesterday afternoon and he was so complimentary about how much weight I’ve lost and how good I look.  […]

No Tuesday, just Wednesday

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I was so busy Monday that I didn’t get that post up until Tuesday, so today, Wednesday, I am going to try to catch up! Yesterday, got my exercise in.  Got my veggies and fruits in (that is our weekly challenge this week) Lunch – 50 cal tortilla with turkey and a wedge of laughing […]

Monday no fun day

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That is how I feel about Mondays.  Today was an odd day at work again.  We had IT here again working on more issues.  I have new clients that I need to prepare docs for but with my attorney out today and out of reach (no email) I have to hold off on the docs […]

Weekend’s over

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Darn.  I love weekends…I feel like I get so much accomplished, including hanging with my kiddos and relaxing 🙂 I had my first few days of feeling kind of meh on my plan.  I have felt amazing since I started but I think with starting TOM late last week and being sick on Friday, maybe […]

Productive Saturday

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Greetings fellow losers 🙂  At least, we are hoping we are losers, haha! I was not feeling well last night at all when I got home from my very long, very boring day at work.  I had zero energy, zero desire to do anything but sleep, and I was (sorry for the TMI) pretty much […]

Thanks heavens for the weekend!

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Today at work has been absolutely worthless.  I mean seriously, if he was planning to pay me to do nothing I would much rather have stayed home in my jammies.  This is torture!  Our IT guy is here upgrading our servers, and office suite and other industry specific software and we have had no computer […]

Oh what a night!

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My fellow chickaroos, we were last with our heroine as she was having a crazy day at work.  We continue the saga as she leaves work… I got my youngest a new “big girl” bed for her birthday last week so I had her little loft bed taken apart in my garage.  I asked a […]

Shoot me dead!

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Today is nuts!  Absolutely fetching, freaking nuts!  I feel like I have been in non-stop motion since I got to work this morning.  I only have 10 minutes left and I still feel swamped.  Holy heck!  I just keep having to learn on the fly due to the incredible lack of training I received for […]

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