*editor’s note*  Holy crap I’m so irritated!  I just typed up a huge post and my computer crashed and the whole thing went kaput!  WordPress didn’t even save the draft…I can’t find the post anywhere!!! This second version won’t be near as good 🙁

Anyway.  I was finally brave enough to step on the scale this morning.  I had been off and on plan ever since a little bit before Christmas and have spent a month celebrating the holiday season.  But I just felt like today was the day that I had to know.  I’ve been so nervous and afraid to find out what I had done to all my progress.  I don’t know why I was so worried.  My clothes fit the same, I look the same.  My last weigh-in before Christmas was 176.  So I step on the scale this morning and it waffles back and forth between 176.5 and 176.  I take the higher number as my official weigh-in.  I’ve essentially been worried over nothing.  1/2 a pound…more likely 1/4 of a pound because the scale wouldn’t settle.  I’m really relieved to see that I was able to maintain which is always the hardest part and why I end up on the lose/gain/lose/gain/lose cycle.  It makes me optimistic.  Now I just have to refocus my efforts back to losing!

The guy, let’s call him Jack, came over Sunday and ended up staying the night.  I was a nervous wreck because essentially I haven’t “slept” with anyone but my ex for the past 20 years!!!  I only slept about 2 hours.  The funniest thing ever though?  Dude walks in his sleep!  He warned me so that I wouldn’t freak out if I saw him but the hilarity of the actual situation is beyond words.  I heard him get up out of bed so I figured he was looking for the bathroom in the dark but he’s trying to walk through the corner so I ask him what he’s doing and get no response.  I get out of bed and grab his arm to steer him towards the hall and he tells me to stop scaring him.  Now I’m laughing because I realize he’s asleep.  I get him into the hall and turn on the bathroom light and go back to bed.  Next thing I know he’s going out into the garage.  I get out of bed laughing my ass off because it’s just so damn funny.  Here’s this naked guy sleep walking in my house…let that sink into your brain for a moment!  I manage to get him to the bathroom and then wait and walk him back to bed.  The funniest part is that in the morning he had absolutely no memory of any of this.  It was the funniest thing ever 🙂 If nothing else, I have a GREAT story haha!

We actually had plans for dinner, drinks and a DVD last night but he has the fetching flu!  Great.  I will probably be coming down with it in a day or two.  Ugh!  I will keep you all updated!

I got dinner for tonight made last night since my plans were cancelled.  White bean, Turkey, Pumpkin & Green Chile Chili!  All I had to do this morning was turn on the crock pot 🙂 I love those days!  I will serve it with some diced avocado and light sour cream…YUM!

Have a great day fellow chickeroos!