This has seriously been the craziest, busiest week at work in the year and a half I’ve been here.  I wish that I had more time to get on here and post because it really keeps me grounded in my health and weight loss goals.

I had a great food day yesterday.  I haven’t been able to take much in the way of a lunch break this week because of the aforementioned busy-ness but I have had 2 clementines and a protein bar everyday for lunch.  I tend not to cook dinner for myself when the girls are at their dad’s house but last night I did make a turkey burger for dinner and had a couple of baked Dorito’s and a giant glass of iced Crystal Light.  It felt good to eat a meal.  Usually when the kids are gone I eat either a yogurt or a bite of whatever left overs are in the fridge or a frozen “diet” entree of some kind.  The night before I did make 2 scrambled eggs and had them with a bit of leftover shredded buffalo chicken and it was fantastic.  I’m still on a tight catch-up budget because of Christmas so I haven’t been spending really anything on groceries.

For those curious and wanting an update on last weekend I give you the following.  The young cutie called me the following night really late wanting to meet up again but I told him no because 1) I was already sound asleep and 2) I had my girls at home with me.  We spent the better part of Sunday and Monday texting back and forth.  We only text maybe once on Tuesday and that has been it until yesterday afternoon when he sent me a text apologizing for not having been in touch the past few days.  He’s been busy trying to catch up, on what I don’t know, but I’m assuming school work (haha!) and that maybe we could hang out this weekend and watch the game or get a drink or something.  I figured the entire thing for a one night stand so I was pretty shocked.  It’s still definitely just a “fun” thing.  He’s a good kid, very nice and polite, fun, charming, intelligent and absolutely adorable but so very young!  As for my friend, well, she ended up going home with the guy friend that we went all the way to Timbuktu to see that night after I left the bar with the “guy in the red hat” (apparently that’s what I was calling him most of the night because I couldn’t remember his name).  Both the kid and I thought that the guy was completely smitten with my friend but it turns out he was just a total player.  This guy asked her out on a date 6 months ago and so after she slept with him that night she text him the next afternoon asking him when they were going to go on that date and he replied with “Let’s leave it at one night of fun”.  I was actually shocked because I really did think he was crushing on her but no, just a bar-crawling hook-up player!  She was pissed off, but then again, she did sleep with him that night so…!  I had absolutely no expectations other than one night of fun so for me it’s all bonus if we hang out again or even become friends.

That’s all for Weekend Update I’m andly Goodnight!