*WARNING* This post is rated R.  If you don’t want to hear about me being crazy and drunk and hooking up with a guy then keep moving to the next blog*

OK, so I was a hermit throughout my marriage.  Not by my choice mind you.  My ex-husband was a homebody, couch potato.  He left the house to go to work, to go to the gym and that was pretty much it.  Very few exceptions, maybe once every 2-3 months a movie, but normally we sat around and watched TV.  (No wonder I am here trying to lose weight!)

Now that I’m free and single, I so thoroughly enjoy going out with my girlfriends every once in awhile for a cocktail or a movie.  Last weekend was just such an occasion.  My friend’s boyfriend broke up with her last week and I was trying to make her feel better by taking her out for a drink or two.  Her marriage ended at the same time as mine.  I have only been on 2 first dates in that time frame.  She has been with a couple different one night stands and just came out of a 6 month relationship.  If you can’t tell, she absolutely does not like being alone.  I jokingly have nicknamed her the female Jerry Maguire.  So after a beer or two at a bar close to both our homes, a guy that had asked her out back several months ago when she was beginning her relationship with break-up guy, text her and asked us to come meet him.  She begged me to go.  I did not want to.  It was a trendy bar clear on the other side of town.  But I was trying to cheer her up so I went along.  We both ended up drinking WAY too much and neither of us had eaten anything that day so we were fairly drunk.  I don’t know when or how but next thing I know I’m making out with a guy.  The next morning as we were talking, we realized that neither of us recall meeting.  All I know is that a cute young guy took me home and I had sex for the first time since before my separation.  It’s been 3 years people!!!  And when I say young, I mean young!  He’s 23…I’m 39.  He’s closer in age to my youngest daughter than he is to me!  I don’t care either.  I’m allowed 1 crazy passionate night right???  One night stand or not, I had the best weekend ever :)))

I did not eat on Friday or Saturday which I know isn’t healthy but at least it made up for the amount of calories I drank.

I’ve been walking every day at lunch and I’m so happy about it.  I am guaranteed to get in 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week.  (Sometimes work is just too busy for me to leave, but I try to anyway if for nothing else but stress relief!)

Cheers party people!