I’m a mess.  With all the holiday days off, vacation days, long weekends, kids not in school, junk food, alcohol, staying up late, sleeping in…I feel completely out of sorts!  I haven’t weighed in yet either.  I’m kind of scared honestly.  It’s not that I went insanely crazy but I did let myself indulge a bit.  I figure that if I can’t enjoy the holidays, what is the whole point of this journey?

I’m going to be getting 100% back on track.  I realize that despite my knee pain I have to start doing SOMETHING again.  I am saving for an elliptical trainer.  I have seen a fairly decent one for around $400 at the sporting good store and I really REALLY want it.  I have NO idea how long it’s going to take me to save this money, I think I’m going to list a few more things for sale on craigslist to help me get there faster.


My girls absolutely loved their gifts and were very surprised at what I was able to save for and get them.  They bought me a new blouse and a new tank top with a sweater jacket.  The blouse is a large and the tank is a large and the sweater is a medium.  I kind of freaked out when I saw the sizes (and said to the girls “Wow these are awfully small looking” to which they replied “well, you are smaller now Mama”) because I NEVER, never EVER have worn anything smaller than a large.  Even when I was pretty small because I am super busty, I always have been.  But the sweater actually fit (color me SHOCKED!).  The blouse in a large is a bit snug on my “girls” but not uncomfortably or noticeably so.  Maybe it just fits and I’m not used to that, haha!  They also got me a new purse which I need to switch over into tonight.  I’ve been putting off the switch because that means I have to clean out my purse YIKES.  I tend to be a junk magnet in my purse.  I know for a fact that I have a few plastic spoons in there, my camera, my old cell phone, a stack of paper about 3 inches thick, probably $3 in loose change (iced tea money!!!)  My youngest picked up my purse yesterday and said “Good grief Mama what’s in here, it’s so heavy!”


I feel like even though I ate some crappy items during my holiday I still ate better than I would have in the past.  My littlest absolutely adores Buffalo Wild Wings, which if you don’t have one near you is just a wing restaurant.  So I took her out a few days after Christmas because we had a coupon for some free wings.  I ate my wings, 5 medium, and a few (maybe 15 pickle chips – the serving size was HUGE, like probably 2 full cups or more even of fried pickle pieces!) fried pickle chips (at the urging of my cousin who thinks they are Ah-Mazing!)  In my prior eating life, I would have probably ordered 10 wings and eaten the entire serving of fried pickles plus either an order of fries or onion rings to go with.  I also on NYE made a breakfast cake.  I used a box of butter pecan cake mix and mixed it with a can of pumpkin puree and made a crumble topping.  I used less butter than the recipe calls for and I used a lot of whole oats and nuts, pecans and almonds, for the extra fiber and protein.  I feel like I made better choices and I guess that’s all that matters, aside from my NYE night home alone, 6 chocolate chip cookies and 1/2 cup of (light) ice cream!  GAH, never again!!!  I only drank alcohol once during the holidays.  On Christmas night after I dropped the girls back off with their father and went back to my parents house for Christmas dinner.  It started out innocent enough.  I adore Captain Morgan Lime Bite Rum so I had a lime bite and coke zero.  Then my brother in law decided that I needed a refill (in which he doubled the rum!) By the time dinner was over I had probably had about 5 shots worth of rum and knew that there was NO way I’d be able to make it home and decided I would just sleep over at my parents house so I poured myself another…after that I don’t remember anything.  I woke up on the day after Christmas not knowing where the heck I was.  And by the time I drove home I was SO sick that I completely lost everything I ate on Christmas night (probably not a totally bad thing!!!)  But I was absolutely worthless that day.  I did NOT get off the couch.  I won’t be drinking any time soon!!!

Here’s to being back on track 🙂