Here I sit at my desk salivating over the dinner I’ve got cooking in the crock pot at home!  I got up this morning and got my exercise in and then made dinner and got it into the crock pot so everything will be ready when I get home tonight.  I have an eye appointment after work, yay new contacts!  My prescription ran out a month or so back and I’ve had to wear my glasses ever since because I couldn’t afford to get to the Dr and pay for the appointment or to fill the prescription.  Thank goodness for parents 🙂  That is my Christmas gift from my mom and dad this year.  Yippee!

Anyway, back to my busy morning.  After I made dinner and hopped in the shower, I made my lunch and my youngest daughter’s lunch and then I made her breakfast too 🙂  I feel like super Mom today, haha!  I love feeling this way.  I love having the energy to do so many things that before would have wiped me out completely.

This weekend the girls and I are going to get our Christmas tree.  The first time any of them have had a REAL tree!  My ex would never let us get one because he felt that it was a waste of money and we had a “perfectly good” fake one that finally broke after last Christmas (it had been wobbly for years!)  I had never experienced a fake tree until I moved to Arizona, I mean growing up in Washington, the Evergreen State, you can imagine why!  I miss the smell and the soft feel of the needles…I’m very excited 🙂

I’m basically out of “lunch” groceries at home right now.  I brought the last of anything portable today…a nonfat greek yogurt with homemade granola and an apple.  At least after dinner tonight there will be left overs I will be able to bring.  Grocery budget is extra tight this month due to Christmas.

Is anyone out there planning on doing any Holiday baking even though they are on a weight loss program?  I am going to make a few things for some coworkers and friends.  I just wondered if I was crazy to attempt this!!!