I know, I know.  It was a holiday last week and people are/were traveling, hanging out with relatives and house guests.  It just feels like forever since I’ve seen any new posts 🙁

I got locked out of my house last night.  That was interesting.  My oldest daughter stopped by my house after school to pick up a shirt that she had forgotten (the girls were with their dad last night) and for some reason when she walked by the garage on the way to her bedroom she locked the garage door, and I don’t carry a house key simply for the fact that I go in through the garage!  I had to have someone drive over and let me in to my own house, haha!  I had a trunk full of cold foods from Costco too!

I’ve been having a craving all week for popcorn so I am definitely going to be making some this week!  I have NO idea where this is coming from but I did used to eat it at least twice a week 🙂  I love popcorn, we grew up on it.  My mom would make it every single night after dinner to have as our TV snack.  I especially love taco popcorn.  I’m going to have to have some soon!

That’s all for now.