I’m so close to my holiday weekend that I can almost taste that turkey!  Our bosses decided to give us an additional half day off on Wednesday PAID so I get an even longer holiday than I thought, woohoo!  Let the festivities begin 🙂

I have begun my Christmas shopping.  I’m getting excited but nervous.  My budget is so stinking tight but I really want my girls to have a good Christmas.  I know it is not about gifts or material things and I even make them some of their gifts.  Last year I made them each a handsewn tree ornament and I made my youngest a throw blanket for her new bedroom.  I have been stock piling stocking stuffers all year.  Every time I shop I buy one or two little things such as a cherry chapstick or a $10 iTunes giftcard or a 99 cent (why is there no cent symbol?) peel off face mask or nail polish and I throw them in a drawer in my room.  That way around Christmas time the stockings are practically all taken care of and I don’t feel the strain!  I have been saving every spare penny for the past several months in order to be able to get them each a few really nice things.  I would rather get them less and make the item nicer than buy lots of stuff but not have it last.

So, if you are able to watch some college football this week check for me at the ASU vs. Cal game on Friday night 🙂  I will be there with my mom, dad, gma, aunt, cousin, my other cousin, sister and her boyfriend!  Should be a blast!!!  I will be the one in the ASU sweatshirt acting crazy…oh.  wait.  Haha!!!

I made the BEST turkey burger last night.  It was juicy and delicious and I even got some good char grill marks on it 🙂  Makes me want another one tonight!

Lunch today was some of my homemade granola with a fat free greek yogurt and some grape nuts mixed in because I love them!

I’m unsure what I will be doing for dinner tonight because I think I am meeting up with a friend, but I will be sure to post what I eat!