I mean really?  It’s only Thursday?  Because I feel like I’ve been at work for a month!  I guess it doesn’t help that payday is Friday, so it seems like it’s taking even longer to get here.  And I desperately need for payday to get here…man I’m flat broke!

TOM is out of control.  I feel so heavy and tired from it and I just want it to go away.  I also feel whiny, which seems accurate given my complaining about this week dragging on and on and on and on.

My weekend is crammed full of stuff to do.  My middle girl has her first cheer competition and it’s way out in BFE and if the hour and a half drive wasn’t bad enough, she competes at 1pm and we have to stay until after awards which don’t start until about 6!  Holy crap Batman…my butt is going to be sore from riding the bleachers all dang day!  I’m going to bring a book and just read in between watching the competition.  Luckily a friend of mine’s daughter will be there to compete too so at least I will have someone else to watch and hang out with.

I had NO food in my house today so I had to eat out for lunch.  I got a 6″ turkey sub at Subway, although there was so little turkey on it, I think calling it a 6″ veggie seems more accurate.

Adios muchachas!  I’m beat…