I feel like I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off yesterday.  I woke up and did my exercising and then started on the laundry and some online Christmas shopping while I watched the first half of the Cardinals Eagles game.

Then it was family lunch at my parents house which is a good half hour drive, so I left at half time so as not to miss too much football.  My mom so liked the sound of the mini won ton cups that she made them for lunch with 3 different salads to put in them.  One was a BLT salad, romaine, bacon, tomato and a dijon/mayo dressing, one was an oriental slaw with shrimp, and the other was a shrimp, mango, papaya, avocado, onion salad (this was my favortite!!!)  I had one of each.  I loved the last shrimp one, but I still liked my taco one at home better.  I stayed for the second half of the game (it’s a win either way for me but I was actually routing for the Cards!  I’m in love with Larry Fitzgerald!)

I had an errand to run at a store that is close to my mom’s house so I did that on the way home.  Once I got home it was more laundry and football, but I also started painting a nightstand/shelf that my sister gave me for my daughter’s room.  It’s going to look fantastic when I’m finished with it.

I have a fantastic recipe for homemade granola that my entire family loves and I wanted to make some last night and tweak the recipe a little bit to lower the amount of sugar in it.  It calls for 1/4 cup + 2 TBSP of brown sugar and the same amount of honey.  I had purchased some sugar free Torani syrup flavored brown sugar cinnamon and decided to use that as a substitute for both.  The granola turned out fine,  I think next time I will add the tablespoons of brown sugar and honey but use the syrup to substitute for both 1/4 cups.  It tastes great, but just needs a bit more sweetness.  It also calls for 1/4 cup of canola oil but this time I substituted peanut butter for the oil to give it more flavor.  I think next time I would do part peanut butter and part oil because the oil helps it crisp up a bit.  It got crispy but not quite as crispy as it usually turns out.

I know everything I’m getting my youngest for Christmas this year, and so far have only figured out 1 thing to get for each of her big sisters.  They are so hard now.  I can’t buy them clothes because I never get the right size or style so I have to give them gift cards, which I hate doing, even though they love it.  They already have all the electronics they need.  Uhhh, I will figure it out eventually, it’s just gonna take a lot of online research and some time to figure out.  I need to think of something for my parents too.  Christmas is stressful, haha, but I absolutely love it.  It is my favorite holiday <3

Dinner last night was all about leftovers.  I have to use them as much as I can because as a single parent with little to no help from my ex (seriously, it’s laughable!)  I don’t have the budget to waste them.  I used some leftover turkey sloppy joe, about 1/2 cup, and heated that up and served over left over salad, romaine and beans.  I cooked the remaining brussel sprouts, about 1 cup, and stirred in some left over mushrooms and then because I had used 2 egg whites earlier I saved the yokes and just as I was taking the brussel sprouts and mushrooms off the burner I stirred those in for a creamy sort of sauce over the top.  I love runny egg yokes and this tasted really good.

Weigh in was good this morning, although I started TOM so even though the scale showed a loss, I felt so bloated and heavy.  Ugh, I hate TOM.