First I’m going to start by posting our dinner last night because it was truly delicious and fun and the kids loved it.  I took wonton wrappers and lightly sprayed a regular size muffin tin and pressed one wonton wrapper into each cup and then lightly sprayed the tops and baked them until browned and crispy.  Then we filled them with black bean refried beans, shredded lettuce, diced avocado, sour cream and shredded cheese.  The little cups that it makes are super tiny but they only have about 20 calories per cup so you could make 3-5 per person easily and not go over calories.  We had 3 each (4 of us, 12 muffin tin…3!)  Anyway, I got the idea from Hungry Girl again.  She stuffed hers with a BLT mixture but my kids and I love tacos so much that I thought little taco cups would be more fun.  We had them with a side of the black bean refried beans…fun quick dinner.

Today, I had a volunteer thing to do.  I’m on the board of the cheer booster club at the high school and our school was hosting an event and needed parent volunteers.  I worked for 6 hours in the concession stand and it was absolute madness.  Non stop line…like, literally, there were never less than 40 people waiting in line.  We were selling out of things left and right, it was absolute chaos.  I am so exhausted right now my body can’t wait to get in bed.

Tonight’s dinner before the girls headed over to their dad’s house was a quick and easy one.  I cut up 2 big chicken breasts I had thawed in the fridge and sprinkled them with some paprika, cayenne, garlic salt and a pinch of red pepper flakes and stir fried them.  We had that over a salad of romaine and white beans and used some of our left over taco toppings as well.   I made a package of sugar free fat free chocolate cook pudding for dessert too.  I just love warm pudding 🙂  If I have the chance I always buy cook pudding vs. instant.  And I have learned the hard way that there is nothing like Jello brand…there are some things that I don’t mind getting generic but pudding is NOT one of those things.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and heading to bed early tonight!  Have a great weekend chickies…my annual conflict football game is on tomorrow…home team Cards vs. favorite team Eagles…at least I win either way 🙂