Destined to Lose

The Start

I made it through the first day on the South Beach Diet which was more challenging than not simply because 15 inches of snow prevented me from going to the supermarket.

I made do with what I had and was able to not eat the crackers and bread and all the other stuff in the pantry that I don’t have the heart to throw out.  I’d rather wait for it to go bad.  Crazy, huh?

I haven’t had a glass of wine since Saturday night but I still have that dull headache that won’t go away.  Even my teeth hurt!

I went back to and got myself set up again to start tracking my calories.

I lost 20 pounds just counting calories but the quality of my food was yuck.  So I’m using the SBD to help me make the right choices about what to eat and using calorie-counting methods to make sure I stick with the right amounts.

I lost track/sight/whatever of my food and gained ten of those back.

So right now, I weigh 146 pounds and am looking to get to 119 pounds by May 25.

Here’s to 25 lost by 25 May.