Trying Sveltyl

Hi.  I hope I’m doing this right.  I’m new to this process. 

I know it’s dumb but I’m desperate.  I’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing has worked for me.  I will try not to ramble too much on here but that is hard for me.  I tend to go on and on.

Today is my first day on the Sveltyl plan.  The ad didn’t elude to the ingredients so I was very sceptical but now that I’ve received my first shipment and done the research, I must say, I’m impressed.  It’s a 4 part process; I is primarily an ingredient called Camellia Sinensis which is basically tea.  I Wikipediaed it and it’s used in Chinese medicine to treat Asthma.  I did notice that just a few minutes after taking it, I was able to breath deeper and with less effort and it’s lasting a long time too.  It has a good bit of caffeine in it but I’m not jittery at all so that’s nice.  II is a liquid form of Hoodia and Vitamine A.  I’m sure everyone here knows what that is.  III is a thing called Konjac.  Wikipedia says it’s used commonly in Asian cultures as a gelatin but is beneficial to dieters as a soluble fiber and laxative.  There was also mention about benefiting those with type 2 diabetes (which I have due to my large size).  Anyone interested can check Wiki too.  It’s rather interesting, really.  IIII is iodine.  It’s supposed to support Thyroid function but I’ve read recently that we all need this now.  Something about jet fuel in the ground water is messing up everyone’s Thyroid glands.  Nice.

I have also started a new eating plan.  Just one of my own since the product didn’t come with one.  I found out years ago by reading Dr. Sandra Cabot’s book, “The Body Shaping Diet” that I’m a classic Lymphoid which means I shouldn’t eat dairy products.  Which is real nice since I’m a major cheese and ice cream FREAK.  That’s ok, I do well with soy products and they are almost as good.  My sister-in-law has cut out gluten so I’m doing that too although that’s very hard to do as well.  I’m not much of a bread person but, well, you know.

Anywho, getting started today and doing well so far.  I will need a lot of help from anyone interested.  I’m not a great cook and I’m seriously lazy so it won’t be easy but I’m committed to making this work.  I haven’t set any deadlines for this but I’d really like to surprise my stepson when he comes to visit this Christmas.  He loves me no matter what I look like but I think he will be really happy if I’m able to lose weight and feel better.  My husband has effectively sabotaged my every effort to lose weight in the past 4 years so I’m not expecting any help from him.

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